Can you say, “Mechanically Recovered?”

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day7

HotDogs 006

Oh dear, I know, it’s a bit of a dirty secret but on the quiet I do like tinned hot dogs. You can see below, the full horror unfolding before your eyes.

HotDogs 001

I dont even know what half of the ingredients mean! Surely they cant be good for you?

Hang on, whats that you say Captain Hot Dog?

HotDogs 002

Ticks all the boxes so it must be OK ofter all 🙂

2 Responses to Can you say, “Mechanically Recovered?”

  1. Jo says:

    Yes, well you’re not the only one with this guilty pleasure. I’m quite happy to eat them straight from the tin to be honest.

    Jos last blog post..Monday, Monday

  2. Karl says:

    Contains celery. It’s healthy then. (Unless you’re allergic.)

    Just imagine them being made. Its the need for thickeners (E412 and E451 to be precise) that convinces me all is not well here.

    Karls last blog post..Shock Horror Probe!

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