Horsing around

No, its not todays food photo 😉 Though, I’m not adverse to trying horse meat, I’ve just not had the chance.

Horse&Cart 002

In 6 years we’ve lived in this house, this is the very first time I’ve ever seen a horse and cart on the street.

You can just make out that the driver chap is using his mobile phone. The fact that he actually pulled up to use it is, in my opinion, amazing. Despite the law saying that its not allowed to drive and use your mobile, this is something that most car drivers cannot manage to do. If asked to make one of those Mystic Meg predictions about my drive to work it would be, “You’ll be cut up on the roundabout by a Sales Rep or Dolly bird because they are too busy talking on their mobile to watch the road.”

I say, “Good on yer, horsey driver man!”

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