Black pudding

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day10

I suppose you could say that black pudding something of a “Marmite” food. It divides opinion, people either love it or hate it. There is no middle ground, it’s a food that you either totally embrace or are totally grossed out by.

This is not surprising when you consider that its main ingredient is pigs blood. Oh yes, and pig fat, dont forget the lovely lumps of pig fat!

Here is a nice bit of black pudding I purchased at the Morrisons Deli counter on Sunday.

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day10

I nibbled on it as soon as I got home. Later I had some on a ham sandwich, a put-me-on snack, as we were having having a late dinner.

I forgot that the remainder was in the fridge until Paul reminded me on Tuesday evening. I nibbled on a small piece while I waited for my dinner and stowed the last inch in fridge. I had a plan!

On Wednesday, I took the last piece with me to work. One of my team is an Indian guy named Luke, he is a lovely person always happy and he loves his food! He often brings me titbits and morsels of food that he and his housemates have made. Its always delicious, if a little hot, this is authentic indian fare after all.

I also try to get him to try things that he hasnt had before, you should have seen his face when he tried that UK delicacy that is the crabstick 😉

Suffice to say that Luke wasnt impressed by black pudding, he was very good and tried it before wrinkling his nose and he didnt run screaming to the toilets or anything. Oh well, I just had to finish it myself:-)

Luke did tell me about a Goats blood sausage that he knows from home and how he wasnt keen on that either. Looking this up on Wikipedia, I’ve learned that the blood sausage is actually pretty common around the world.

So, do you love or hate black pudding?

If you’ve never tried it, I urge you to, what have you got to lose?

4 Responses to Black pudding

  1. says:

    Well, I would not go so far as to eat it for breakfast or deep-fried. However, black pudding is definitely a corner stone of the good old Swiss tradition called Metzgete (butchering), were restaurants serve huge platters of all edible parts of pigs.

    gomad.chs last blog post..Taj’s Laundry Basket

  2. Jonathan says:

    I don’t mind it!

    I used to love Black Pudding until someone actually told me what it was!

  3. Jo says:

    I LOVE black pudding :o)

    Jos last blog post..Monday, Monday

  4. Karl says:

    Oh no! Put it away! The crabstick reference is funny. (And I didn’t think I’d mind seeing a picture of your sausage…)

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