NaBloPoMo July 08 Day13

Papad 008

What do YOU call these?

According to Wikipedia you might say papad, pappad, pappard, pappadom, pappadum, popadam, poppadam, poppadom, appadum, appalum, appala, appoll or even papari.

I guess I would say poppadom, except privately me and Paul say papad, a shared reference to spending time in India. I’ve tried all sorts of papad in India, plain ones and ones with bits of chilli or garlic or pepper in them. They are also wonderful served as a rolled snack, filled with prawn or meat curry.

The pack on the left came from India, I always like to bring some back with me, are Ganesh garlic papad, they cost 23 Rupees which is about 30 pence. The Ruby brand plain poppadums are from Morrisons were about a Pound I think.

They say to fry them but you can also bake them, I even used to put them in the pop up toaster which worked well. Nowadays, my usual method is to microwave them. You have to turn them half way through, or they dont cook in the middle otherwise.

Its amazing how they allow you to see the microwaves working, as they rotate past the microwave emmiter, they puff up in an odd pattern. I wonder if I could get a video of it to show you?

Anyway it gives a great texture, all dry and crunchy and not like the oily ones you get from the takeaway. You can taste the papad, not whatever else was cooked in the oil 😦

We enjoyed them with some fresh onion salad prepared by Paul, followed by the leftover curry from the day before. Wasting food is in the news at the moment, its just not something I’ve ever done and of course, curry always tastes better the next day!

2 Responses to Papad

  1. Ms Mac says:

    No, I never waste food either. Which is obvious to anyone who has ever met me!


    Ms Macs last blog post..My Kid Could Paint That

  2. Jo says:

    You are doing SO well with the whole NaBloPoMo thing ;o)

    I love poppadoms BUT prefer roti or paratha (my favourite). One of the kids in school’s auntie brough in samosas and mint/coriander/chilli chutney on Thursday – she wont give me the recipe :o( but I am going around (with my nursery nurse) to see how the chutney was made, showing me is better ;o)

    Jos last blog post..Unconscious mutterings #285

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