Pan fried Salmon

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day16

Dinner yesterday was a simple meal of pan fried* Salmon, Corn and new Potatoes.

PanFriedSalmon 013

Note the generous dusting of freshly milled Pepper and the equally liberal drizzle of Olive oil. Paul had the same meal but, being more traditional, preferred a good knob of butter and twist of salt.

Sorry about the photo, my attempt to break open the fillet and position it all fancy didnt quite work. I promise you this was a thick and juicy piece of Salmon fillet before I started messing.

The Corn was left on the cob, it always tastes better that way, I also like getting stuck into my food with my hands occasionaly 🙂

The only downside to my love of all things fish? As I write this morning, the kitchen still has a faint whiff of lingering Salmon 😦

*Get me being all chef-y, pan fried indeed, where else would it be fried?

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