Black Diamonds

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day 23

A couple of months ago, Lenor started airing a TV commercial for Black Diamond and Lotus Flower scented fabric conditioner.

I was all like, wtf is a black diamond, how can you smell a diamond? I even went as far as to Twitter about it.

So now, it seems I have an apology to make, just maybe since the Lenor bottle does show an actual (clear) Diamond, so maybe they don’t know either.

I give you, Black Diamonds……..

BlackDiamonds 001

….. yeah, they are a variety of Plum! Who knew?

2 Responses to Black Diamonds

  1. Lesley says:

    Here in France, truffles are known as black diamonds (the sort that grow underground and cost a fortune, not the chocolate sort).

  2. Michael says:

    So your clothes get to smell like plums?!? We have scents like “rainforest” “morning dew” “mountain mist” over here.

    Michaels last blog post..The M Network – at the Center on Halsted

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