I want candy

Remember the 80’s Bow Wow Wow (The future of pop, ooops no they weren’t) and their single “I want candy?” At the time the shaved headed 14 year old girl was a bit shocking but the Internet has changed everything, what do you make of this?

“Yeah, a candy penis!”

Still hungry for more, maybe its like car crash TV, you cant tear your eyes away?

Barbie Girl…..

At least they are not out on the streets spitting on grannies and kicking dogs and stuff!

2 Responses to I want candy

  1. Karl says:

    You’re right, couldn’t stop watching. Oh no!

    Karls last blog post..Street Gallery?

  2. Andrea says:

    Yep. Me too. In fact, I went to YouTube to watch more……..

    *realizes she needs friends*

    Andreas last blog post..The Gift of Life? Why Yes, I’ll Take One………….

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