Pumping Petrol

The price of petrol is a pretty hot topic at the moment, fuel prices in general seem to be spiraling out of control. This isn’t worrying me to much, having just down-sized our car from a 2 ton, 2 litre, gas guzzling monster to a small but perfectly formed 1.4 litre Astra.

What does bother me at the pumps, is waste. That is to say, wasted time. Why do people still persist in filling their tank upto the exact pound that they want to spend? how much of their time is wasted each year by people squeezing that trigger bit by bit as it approaches the desired figure.

Now, I’m not saying I never did this. Oh no, of course I did, but there used to be a reason it. Remember when we all carried cash? If I had a tenner in my pocket to fill up the tank, then it wouldn’t do to go over even by a penny. Nowadays, we all carry plastic right? So who cares what the total comes to?

Well, its seems people still do. You can see them at the pumps, cursing when they mis-judge and hit £30.02. They can’t possibly just leave it there, so they start trying to squeeze a bit more in, edging up to £31.00. You can see them struggling against the auto cut-off thing, desperate to end up on a round number, as if the cashier is going to laugh at them for being so spazzy when they go in to pay.

Actually, the cashiers do seem a bit surprised when they read out the amount I need to pay for my fuel, “£46.32?”

I’m not entirley free of fuel pump OCD of course, I collect loyalty points which give me a point per litre bought. So after the auto cut-out thing on the pump kicks in, I check if I’m just under or over a round litre. If I’m just under, I squeeze a bit more in to get another Nectar point 🙂

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