The great clothes mountain

It all started with unwrapping a few new shirts and turned into 2 hour declutter session.

Declutter 003

We now have a clothing mountain to dispose of! Seriously, how can there be so much? We last did this, I think, less than 6 months ago!!

The only thing thats for sure is that its going to a Salvation Army collection. No way am I leaving it outside for one of those “Third World” collection companies that have sprung up lately. Next time the leaflet comes through the door check the small print, not only do they not provide a bag, to “keep costs down” but they also admit that the collected clothes are actually sold to “provide jobs.” I say, “What a load of old shit!”

3 Responses to The great clothes mountain

  1. Jonathan says:

    I heard those collection companies sell the clothes and use the profits to fund the Croatian Mafia!… It was either that or something to do with Gypsies… I forget.

  2. Michael says:

    Hey I like that one with the orange stripe running down it….Orange is my “signature color”

    But it’s probably found a new home by now : -(

    Michaels last blog post..I’m on the Feast of Fools again!

  3. andy says:

    Alas, you are right, they’ve already gone, next time I’ll think of you first 🙂

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