My saviour!

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day 31 – The END!

I made it! 31 days of food related photo blog posting, its been fun and, once I got into the rhythm, surprisingly easy to keep going each day. It has been interesting (mostly for me I’m sure) to see the variety of foods that I eat in a month, plus some recurring themes too 🙂

“What exactly is the story with today’s photo?” I’m glad you asked! This has been something I have eaten on more than half the days in July. I suppose I should have counted this too, for the sake of the project.

These are Ranitidine Hydrochloride tablets, and shown here under the Indian brand name Zinetac. I picked these up in India* the last time we were there. You might know this medicine by the UK brand name Zantac, an over the counter remedy in 75mg strength tablets.

Ranitidine 004

The sharp-eyed among you will see that the pictured Zinetac are 150mg, so double-good right? You may also notice that these are Rupees 5.21 for a strip of 10 tablets which is like 6 or 7 pence, in the UK Zantac are more like 4 pounds for 12 tablets. Personally, for this sort of price difference I can cope with the box being made of un-bleached card, printed in only one colour. Who needs the glossy, over designed colourful boxes they use in the UK?

You’ll probably also notice that it says on there “To be sold by retail on the prescription of a Registered Medical Practiotioner only.” What a laugh, since in India, the the busiest shops in the resorts are usually the pharmacies! You just go in and ask for what you want, no questions asked. I’ved queued up behind all sorts in the past, blokes buying boxes of Viagra to sell back home. Women shouting over their shoulder back into the street, “Mam, did you want some Valium as well?”

So, that’s my little secret, I could choose to be a martyr to my stomach and the unbearable pain of heartburn. Instead, I choose to self medicate, I’m told its a very safe drug, and enjoy life, I want to eat nice interesting rich and spicy foods, not bland boring stuff!

Life is just too short, right?

* We also stock up on Colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes, mozzie sprays and sun creams. Its all so much cheaper than over here, less than half price usually.

3 Responses to My saviour!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Well done on reaching day 31!

    It’s been nothing but a total delight! (I know everything I say sounds sarcastic, but I’ve truly enjoyed it really)

  2. Sharon Stokes says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the past 31 days A.

    Did I copy any of your dishes???? D’ya think I was salivating at your gorgeous piccies ???

    D’ya think anyone would be interested in my 31 days of Delectable Table Delights ???? Lol.. x :)….S

  3. andy says:


    I really think you should set up a “secret” blog, its dead easy to do, try

    If you can send email, you can blog, honestly, you click new post give it a title type the message and press publish! EASY!

    Just think of the fun we could all have reading about your crazy family goings-on.

    Even one where you only bitch about Wayne would be funny! Cock in a handbag anyone?


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