Pop-up toy

August 31, 2008

The simplest things are still the most amusing, this had me captivated for at least 5 minutes!

What do you call these things??

The 19th hole

August 29, 2008

Yeah, that’s right, the 19th as in golf. What’s that you gasp, “a sports related post on this here blog!”

Now, get your breath back, if you ask me golf was once accurately described as “a good walk, spoiled.” However, I understand that amongst sporty types, the golf is quite popular. So I say, “ok golf could be fun, but do I have to walk?” The answer of course being, yes.”

Now thanks to technoligical-thingummy-ness, the answer is no! Paul’s brother, Russell, is one of the partnership behind Green, Sheffield first golf simulator and bar type place. It is quite literally, the 18th and 19th hole in one!


Green is like no other bar in Sheffield. Where else can you relax with your friends in the heart of the city centre and at the same time play 18 holes on some of the world’s most famous golf courses?

Amazing, eh!

Anyway, tonight is the launch party and I’m on the guest list baby! That’s the guest list, BABY!

I better go start getting dolled up, the Paps are sure to be there, I need to look my best 🙂


Our survey says…. you’re a winner!

August 22, 2008

I vaguely remember filling in a survey about local transport. If I recall anything, it’s that I was not very complimentary about local services.

Well, look what I got in the post yesterday, what a lucky boy, I am 🙂

I have to add that I hardly ever go to M&S, so I will probably give these away to one of my team as an incentive, whoever get the most sales/best stats, that sort of thing. So lucky for them too 🙂

Another day, another OS

August 20, 2008

Today, I got a little sidetracked in my search for a groovy new operating system. Inspired by The Lovely Jonathan, I tried out Mac OS 10. I know! On Intel-type PC hardware!

Remember the old days when the Mac peeps were all like, “oh, yeah Macs are better cos they run on superior Processors and hardware.” Well, not any more, you see the recent generation of Mac have been quite happily running on Intel processors for some time. So its perhaps not surprising that people are now coming up with ways to run the Mac OS on PC’s they have put together themselves at a fraction of the cost of a Mac. They call them Hackintosh.

I chose a DVD image called Kalyway, which is Mac OS 10.5.2. It was very easy to get it going as you can see here.

Once it was finished it was like, totally like a Mac. Which I shouldn’t have been surprised about since that is what it was! Connecting to my mobile by bluetooth confirmed this, announcing the connection as Andy’s Mac Pro 🙂

I wish I taken a picture after I changed the desktop to the grass wallpaper 😦 I have the grass wallpaper on my PC at the moment so I’m quite fond of it.

I’m not a total novice, a few years ago I used to use an iMac at work, so some things came flooding back and others, like the Dock, were brand new.

So what did I make of OS 10 ?

Plus points were the start up speed, wow it was fast. The Dock is pretty cool, I’m deffo getting me one of those for my PC 🙂

Downside? One of the things that came flooding back was the way the applications dont have their own menu across the top. Instead, whichever app is in focus has its menu on the task bar at the top of the screen. It feels disconnected and (I think) its annoying. Overall, it feels restricted, perhaps thats just me, but its all very Apple controlled isn’t it?

It’s gone now, (I’m already onto my next install) but the deciding factor? No support for my ethernet or wireless connections, plus I dont have all the apple keys on my keyboard which affects the usability.

So, in summary, MacOS 10 (or X if you prefer) isn’t the one for me, but I can see why people like it 🙂

Next stop, Mandriva……..

New Adventures in Linux…..

August 19, 2008

… or Don’t laugh at the newbie!

Since we got back from Prague things have been pretty quiet around here. There is a reason for this, and that reason is Linux.

It’s a really odd feeling for me to go back to the beginning and have to learn how to “do” computers again. Just today in work, I reflected on this when I was asked several times (not uncommonly so) to fix this or that, reconnect new profiles to old to regain access to systems etc. We have a tech coordinator guy on site but people often come to me first. Actually, I’d almost forgot that I used to do the tech-co job until about 5 years ago!

So as I said, its an odd feeling to be the newbie, but interesting and unlike when I was learning PC’s back in the day, there is a lot of help out there in the form of forums and blogs 🙂 So far I’ve tried about 5 different Linux distros, unlike Windows there are different branches of Linux. Usually these projects are separated by their aim to be faster, smaller or more compatible than other branches.

Here is a quick run down, of my adventures (so far) in Linux.

PCLinuxOS is a popular distro, and I liked it a lot. It felt very similar to using Windows, probably intentionally, and I would be using it now if I could fix the wireless lan driver problem I encountered.

Damn Small Linux is very interesting, small enough to fit on and boot from a pen-drive, meaning you can boot a “strangers” PC, so get your familar desktop to work on, use it for a time to work or surf, then save your session and leve no trace on the host machine. Pretty cool, eh?

Ubuntu is probably one of the most popular as far as I can tell, this is, I think due to it being very stable and highly compatible. I felt that this also meant it ran pretty slowly.

Kubuntu a branch of the above, and I felt it had the edge speed-wise but the pre-installed software was all a bit obscure for me, for example Konquerer browser rather than Firefox.

Xubuntu is another Ubuntu branch, feels faster in many ways but includes Firefox and other more familiar software versions than the above. So far for me it has the edge and is the version I’m still playing around with, though it also suffers some issues with my wireless card. Can you imagine the stress its giving me having an actual wire running to the router? I know! A wire!

So, like, yeah, I’m a newbie, and I’m going to try and stick with it, (does going dual boot count?) so please don’t be a hater if I offended your fave distro, this is just my opinion, right?

We did get back from Prague!

August 15, 2008

A record of our holiday (in reverse order) as Twittered by me, strangely lacking in comments about Prague itself!

I’m sure I’ll put some photos up soon, I’ve been a bit busy messing around with Linux over the last few days, a bit scary being a newbie again but also having fun with it 🙂

Home 🙂 06:44 PM August 13, 2008 from mobile web

Feeling sad, sat in hotel lobby waiting for car to airport 😦 10:40 AM August 13, 2008 from mobile web

Enjoying free wifi in the hotel 🙂 10:14 AM August 11, 2008 from mobile web

Just started boarding, better switch phone off, will I be able to twitter from Prague? 03:23 PM August 10, 2008 from txt

is now in the airport having a beer, thats how all holidays should start 🙂 02:21 PM August 10, 2008 from txt

is setting off for the Airport 11:47 AM August 10, 2008 from txt

Na shledanou

August 10, 2008

We’re off to Prague for a few days. We did the online check in last night and we are all set to go 🙂

See you soon, be good!