Charity Shmarity

We had another one of those fake charity collection things through the door yesterday. Lets take a look……

This time they have even given up on using a picture of refugees and have gone with a couple of cute kittens! What is that supposed to mean? I think it means, “Don’t think too hard about the details on this leaflet, just look at the kittens, aahh cute aren’t they? Keep looking at them, that’s right, now go get a bag and fill it up, remember the kittens? That’s right, now put the bag outside your front door. Kittens are cute aren’t they?”

Here is the pitch…

Dear Householder, We will be grateful if you could kindly donate your unwanted Ladies, gents & Children’s Clothing, Blankets, Sheets, Shoes, Handbags, Curtains, Belts, Bath and Hand Towels, underwear, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Perfumes.

Sounds to me like they want items to put on a car boot sale!

SHC COLLECTIONS LTD is a collecting company which provide people in need in Eastern European countries with affordable clothes for them and their families. It provides jobs in Eastern European countries for those sorting the clothes for distribution. It also provides business for UK export transport companies as well as creating employment in the UK factories grading the clothes and those people collecting the bags door to door. SHC COLLECTIONS LTD, Company reg. 06437255 e-mail:

This is the bit that really rubs me up the wrong way. At first glance, I think, most people will think this is a charity, when in fact its nothing of the sort. One of the major giveaways is the inclusion of a company registration number instead of a registered charity number. Oh yeah and dont get me started on the email address, of course, all the reputable companies I know use Hotmail, errr no!

According to Companies House they have been running less than a year. (Coincidentally, being registered on my last birthday!)

Name & Registered Office:
N11 2JH
Company No. 06437255
Status: Active
Date of Incorporation: 26/11/2007
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company

According to Google maps, the postcode is in the middle of a block of suburban houses.

So there we have it, after just a few minutes of thought and investigation, my suspicions about this company are confirmed. This is not a company that I have any confidence in!

Isn’t the Internet wonderful?

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  1. Steve says:

    Hey Andy,

    Around our way (South Manchester) they’re collecting for the ‘third world’. I found your post googling their postcode as listed on companies house!

    I dropped trading standards an email, but i doubt it’s even illegal to beg door to door like this.


  2. jennipher says:

    l missed your collection this morning so if possible can we arrange for a can call at 07956564212 or area is in chadwell heath

  3. Beth Parr says:

    here in Anglesey also! – spelling errors are a give–a-way

  4. JEFF w. says:

    Here in Lancashire also, however after virtually arresting an illegal visitor ?
    it appears that this method of conning people is not illegal, basically the answer being – “if you want to get rid of your old tat, let them have it”.

    Sadly most people appear to be taken in by the wording and the attempt at presenting themselves as a Charity, which is most certainly not the case,.

    These people are currently donating £1000 per year to charities from the proceeds of this ill gotten gain.

    The Police in Lancashire have taken some interest and actually did a leaflet drop warning people of what this is really all about, the option of being conned is then down to the individual.

    The latest move by them is unbelievable !… they are now getting the Post Office to deliver their leaflets with the Royal Mail !…. I am at present attempting to get through to the right person at Royal Mail and tip them off, however sometimes it’s easier to find an illegal immigrant hiding in the bushes.

    Be warned people – this is a TOTAL CON !!!!… research it all for yourselves via Google.

  5. Angela says:

    In Devon too – claiming ‘Third World Clothing Collection’. the mis-spelling in ‘A chance to emtty your wardrobes’ gave it away! And the hotmail address – yeah right!

    Might go round our street and collect the bags myself and take them to a local charity shop!

  6. andy says:


    That is the best idea I’ve heard so far, nick the bags and take to a charity shop 🙂

    We had another leaflet drop today, same spelling mistakes different picture, I wonder if a retaliatory leaflet drop would work, explaining the scam and urging people to take stuff to the BHF shop instead?


  7. terry says:


  8. This CON outfit are just dropping their leaflets in Wadhurst letterboxes over the last few days, 7th & 8th Oct, for collection on this friday. We have had several variations of these leaflets over the years and are fed up with the fact this outfit is not shutdown, as it is mainly the elderly that fall victim to these CONS.

    Sussex Police are reporting this matter to the Charity Commission, and our local PCSO sent me your link to send round our community on our Neighbourhood Watch & Sussex Police criminal alert system we run here in Wadhurst, along with our website.

  9. Melinda says:

    I had the same leaflet in North Devon by Royal Mail a few days ago, I filled a bag but have just done a search as it didn’t seem quite right. They are collecting tomorrow, but now I will definitely take the bag to a charity shop!

  10. The one thing I forgot to say in my piece above was : Please contact your local Trading Standards as well, advising them of these leaflets & delivery days by this CON outfit.

  11. Diane says:

    It looks like they have reached the Wirral in Cheshire. I had a bag of unwanted clothes in my house of my daughters for a couple of days when Leaflet for SHC Collections came through the door and thought “oh well I may as well them have them. Left it out b4 8 o’clock, guess what they didn’t collect it, so I thought I would give them a call to tell them they had missed it but no number, so I looked up their website and found this website highlighted SHC Collections. My stuff will be going to Red cross now as always.

  12. My son left his black and white footlocker bag at our front door with his sports wear and expensive trainers and they have gone!! SHC were collecting in this area yesterday and I just know they have taken it. But what can I do, they have no morals.

  13. James says:

    Third World Collections (SHC) have reached the Scottish borders, the town of Hawick was leafleted by them.

  14. lisa keddie says:

    i live in innerleithen and filled up a bag nearly full to the brim(lots of new stuff that doesnt fit any more) saw the mis-spelling “emitty you wardropes”and thought id check it out!!!
    yeah it it re-cycling but id rather give money to charities and the leaflet is very misleading

  15. Angela says:

    I too checked out – well, well, well. You have to hand it to them, they certainly get around. My unwanted clothes will be going to Oxfam and if I ever catch them …

  16. Mike Francis says:


    SHC have this minute (1315 on Tues. 28th October). arrived in Stanway, Colchester. They are collecting on Thursday. The old chap who is delivering leaflets similar to ones you illustrate looks as if he needs the clothes himself.
    I hope locals realise this is a scam.

  17. jamie parr says:

    looks like they’ve been at it in somerset (coleford) the thing is my wife actually sorted her wardrobe out ( big time 9 black bags), they didn’t collect and i’m glad now i’ve read everyones comments. Think we will take them to a charity shop where a proper charity will benefit!!!

  18. caroline moore says:

    Got one today! Very appealing at first glance. Good idea to clean out stuff just before the onset of winter. However just checking via the internet has proved very interesting! Will now make an effort to donate to a REAL charity!

  19. Just got a leaflet from SHC, for a collection on Wednesday, the 12th Nov,
    didn’t think it sounded quite wright? by the way I am from Poulton-le Fylde, near Blackpool,

  20. Derek Hall says:

    once again they are trying to “GET” because of the unfortunate third world. its about time there was a law against this

  21. tom currie says:

    there in newcastle now and the leaflets have changed again spellings corrected

  22. And here they are in Norfolk – Nov 15 – Thanks for these postings – I have some good clothing to send somewhere – big warm coats from a company that has changed its logo – so ideal for 3rd world where company would not be known. I thought of leaving them out but decided to check it out first – thank goodness I did.
    Incidentally does anyone know of a charity that DOES ship clothes to countries who might need them. Red Cross don’t, they prefer to collect money and buy in the country, makes sense but I’ve got 2 boxes of good clothes going to waste in my garage.

  23. Hi Maggie

    Can you take your clothes to a Charity Shop, say Oxfam, in the High Street, that then sells the clothes here in the UK, and the money then goes to help Third World Countries, no shipping costs then, just a thought !!!

    Best wishes


  24. Hi Maggie

    Also can the labels / logos be removed from this clothing ?

    Best wishes


  25. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for that, but sadly, no, the labels cannot be removed – everything is embroidered on. I have found a home for a lot of t-shirts and shirts with a youth art group who can use them to cover their clothing when painting – making scenery etc. They just use them in the studios so won’t wear them on the street, likewise boiler suit and overalls with a charity that teaches young people mechanics. I would like to give the coats to a homeless charity, so am checking out with the company if they are OK with this or worried about their name being displayed in this way. I wish they had given clearer instructions – not just ‘give them to a registered charity’.

  26. Bob Freeman says:

    Hi All

    They are operating today in the St Michaels and Tenterden area in Kent.

    I see that SHC also want perfumes; most useful in the third world!

  27. Hi All
    They are now posting these leaflets in Leigh, Lancashire. I was going to fill a bag and thought I would just check on line first. How can they can away with this scam all over the country just is beyond belief. I will ring trading standards tomorrow and hope they can perhaps stop these collections for Saturday

  28. Martin Green says:

    Just had this flyer in Hastings, they are collecting here on Tuesday! Could have been fun if they had made it Wednesday, thats when the binmen come and collect bags of rubbish……
    I emailed mine to the local policeman and Trading Standards

  29. Trish says:

    Arrived today in Whalley Lancs, I think I will leave out the contents of my dustbin.

  30. Hi Trish

    That is a good idea !! , just make sure there is nothing with your name & address on in your rubbish, that you leave out for this collection. Perhaps some dog poo too, or is that going too far.


  31. SHC are back here in Wadhurst, East Sussex for 8am on Wednesday 26th.

    Some people here must be falling for this scam, or they would not return to this rural area.


  32. Veronica says:

    Sunday 23rd November 2008 Holt in Norfolk had a leaflet through my door from this company, are collecting on Wednesday. Thought this looked suspect especially as they were also asking for toiletries and perfumes.

  33. Ian says:

    A Third World Clothing Collection will be underway in Eastbourne tomorrow Thursday 26th – pity I never held onto my Old Spice aftershave – but
    it informs me I have a chance to ’emtty’ my wardrobe!
    Nno channce!

  34. Dannii says:

    SHC have helped themselves to the dust sheets outside my house buried under wood and bags and equipment all clearly being used for a job. Beware the residents of Rainham and Gillingham Kent

  35. Chris says:

    I live in Eastbourne and was initially taken in! Needing desperately to declutter, I filled 6 large bags and left them outside – fortunately, nothing had been collected by the time my suspicions were aroused – looking closer at the flyer there was one blatant spelling mistake ’emtty’ instead of ’empty’! I spotted the Company Reg rather than Charity Reg. and also could find no contact telephone no. in Thompson’s local directory. I tried sending an email but got a ‘Delivery Failure’ message. The bags are now in the back of the car awaiting delivery to a Charity shop.
    There were some good quality items that I wish to go to a ‘good cause’ and I must offer my thanks to those on this web site who helped me not to get stung by these guys.

  36. Sharon Wilkinson says:

    We received a leaflet here in rural Suffolk this week. Whilst the leaflet made it quite clear this was not a charity collection, I expect that the company rely on the fact that so few people actually read documents properly, and may assume that it is a charity Obviously most of us would prefer to give to registered charities, but I also agree with a post on another website that any recycling is better than landfill and who else wants cosmetics and perfume? And the company obviously reads these comments as they have now corrected the spelling of empty!

  37. Dennis says:

    Collection near Taunton is today (9th Dec). After sorting out some clothes I decided to check out the leaflet as the hotmail address made me suspicious. Glad I did – whilst they don’t actually lie on the flyer it is written so as to intimate that they are collecting for charity – “unwanted clothes which will be sent” rather than “sold”.

    If the other charities will not take the clothes then at least our local recycling centre has a deposit point for old clothes and shoes. If I am going to recycle I would rather do it through that channel than some “dodgy” profit making company whose flyer I find misleading.

  38. Jon says:

    Leaflet in the door here in rural mid-devon an hour ago, the hotmail entry got me looking at the leaflet deeper and its clearly very well designed for those with morals to read, so long as they dont have doubts at the same time.
    I’m not sure what trading standards can do about this deceptive advertising as they are not actually selling a product – one couldnt ask for ones money back due to being missold anything (but perhaps they coiuld be sued for using up a persons time in going through wardrobes under false pretences ??).

    Either way a slick con by a very young Company, which no doubt will be dissolved when the going gets too hot and a new one set up to replace it.

    You can guarantee they look at this website and others in order to stay ahead of the game for as long as possible

  39. June Williams says:

    Leaflet dropped here today (Audenshaw Manchester) for collection on Friday. This has a cherubic blonde haired young girl on it with hands together & eyes closed in prayer! We’ve had lots of them over the past couple of years. Needless to say all are ignored. They don’t even have the decency to leave a free plastic bag which the charities do! From the other messages here, this must be a HUGE national operation which requires massive organisational skills and financial input. Pity the company directors don’t put their talents and money to better use. The profits must be huge. Wonder if a journalist somewhere would be interested in doing an expose. (don’t know where to find an accent to put over the ‘e’!) Let me know through this site, if anyone knows one. I may even do it myself!

  40. paul lever says:


  41. Andrea Walker says:

    Have just received one of these flyers through my door in Bournemouth. Quite obviously a scam, but sadly it makes people more reluctant to leave items for those who REALLY ARE collecting for Charity!


  42. Steve Ishmael says:

    I received few minutes ago a flyer from SHC Collectiond Ltd requesting for Clothing materials from my neighbourhood. I became suspicious and went online to find similar persons sharing my views. My biggest suspicion is why they had no forwarding address, except for email and its company’s reg number. I am a bit anxious to know more about this firm
    Steve Ishmael

  43. ray says:

    poster in mail box this morning. Barnsley area. 8/1/09
    I’ve checked ever poster I received in 2008 THIRD WORLD CLOTHING etc. the worst was asking for collections using breast cancer as the reason.

    ALL ARE THE SAME taking goods that could help charities.
    We bag ours up and take them to the local Hospice shop.

  44. jeannie says:

    Hi from Ulverston Cumbria
    I received a leaflet 9/1/09 from SHC collections only address given an e-mail and they can’t spell your*
    It states CLOTHING COLLECTION a chance to empty yuor* wardrobes of unwanted clutter, will collect from 8.00am MONDAY. Our company is a collecting company who provide people in third world countries with clothes for their families they can afford (does that mean that they have to pay for them) It provides jobs in third world countries, sorting the clothes for distribution. It provides business for uk export, for transport companies. It provides employment in the uk facories grading the clothes.It provides employment for people collecting the bags.
    I give all my unwanted items to our local charity shops if you are housebound there are plenty of well known charities that provide a bag such as Air Ambulance

  45. Michele says:

    Well i left them a load of old clothes a few months back when i was getting the back room ready for the baby but am not too bothered about those clothes cos they were like 10yrs+ old and were seriously out of date but i’ve got another leaflet through for collection tomorrow and i’ve inherited 3 bags full of childrens clothes in really good condition, likes of next, gap etc and was just about to leave them out but noticed the wording “provide people in need Eastern Europe…..with affordable clothes for them” and i couldn’t believe the cheek! so i thought i’d check out if they had a website, but all i can find is complaints about them, needless to say these clothes will be going to Barnardos or somewhere equally deserving…. i have to say too after spending 30 mins reading the leaflet over and over i can’t believe how poor the grammar an English is, just goes to show how we skim read!!

  46. Howard says:

    I live in Blackpool and today 17/ 1/09 have received one of the mentioned leafllets my wife works at a charity shop and is always taking things in from us and from other generous people, but she does leave bags on the doorsteps f

  47. Howard says:

    I live in Blackpool and today 17/1/09 have received one of the mentioned leaflets i to smelt a rat so checked it out and no way are there being anything left for them my wife works volantry at a charity shop and takes loads of bags there also she does leave bags on the doorstep for genuine c
    harities but not this one, word needs to be passed on about these people

  48. Geoff Greaves says:

    They are in Llandrindod Wells, Powys, saying they’ll collect tomorrow, Monday, morning. I suppose the best thing to do is to put an unlabelled bag of clothes by your door and if anyone walks off with it makes a citizen’s arrest for theft and hand them over to the police. 😉

    Cheers, geoff

  49. David Parkinson says:

    Wigan, Lancashire. Leaflet dropped today. Collection 8 AM Saturday 24th January. I know that what this company is doing is not technically illegal, but they should be ashamed of themselves. I say “Off with their nads”.

  50. mrs priestley says:

    they are in bradford , as soon as i saw the leaflet i thought it was a bit fishy, these kind of scams make me so angy, most people just trust that it’s a charity, they are lieing cheating scum as far as i’m concerned. if i see any bags on my neighbours doorsteps i will personally remove them myself.

  51. the tank says:

    I have a leaflet through this weekend and was just about to fill a bag up for them.Dont know why but i thought id google them.south wales

  52. Joy says:

    They, and several similar outfits, are operating in the Caerphilly area picking up in Machen Tuesday 27th. Recently we have had two leaflets in a week from other companies. I think some of their stuff turns up on Ponty market labelled any item for £1.99, steam cleaned in a polythene cover but obviously ‘pre-used’. If thats what they are doing why not say so , it’s not illegal.Just don’t try to hoodwink us. I shall keep a lookout tomorrow to see who turns up as there are some bags out in our road.

  53. Lisa says:

    Ive also had one of these leaflets put through my door well timed I thought as I was in the middle of a good clearout but on the offchance I decided to google them, glad I did. Think I will keep a look out tommorow too to see who turns up, or perhaps I will just put my rubbish out for them to collect!

  54. Tornirsk says:

    Had a ‘3rd world’ collection leaflet today. Remarkably similar to a previous leaflet from a different company but with excactly the same wording.
    I have a bucket full of dog poo which I am sure these east european shisters will enjoy having it on toast.

  55. jemma woodhouse says:

    Well i think the picture of the girl on the pic gives it away good job i checked, i think i will be lettin everyone know!i

  56. Jennifer Lovatt says:

    I have just received anothe rone of these leaflets, i am receiving one a week…fed up of being lied to.

  57. Joan Gott says:

    Just received one of these leaflets.
    Exactly the same information.
    Thought I would check it out. Thanks for warning.
    There are lots of genuine charities I will donate to.

  58. Paula says:

    I think some one should inform the inland revenue because they are registered as anon trading company so that means no accounts also no vat they are screwing everyone charities who are having a hard time any way .
    I am going to put a bag out for them with a surprise old sheets more like rags and several lumps of my dogs pooo that will give them a nice smell to ride home from gt yarmouth

  59. louise beglin says:

    I thought there was something a bit smelly about this third world clothing collection, thank you for confirming this.
    best wishes

  60. Lindsey says:

    Oh dear, I put 6 bags of rubbish in my porch for my daughter to take to the dump, and…………… an hour later they had been collected by a white van {unmarked} It saved the journey and time spent that we would have done separating it all !

  61. Gordon says:

    Just had a call form my mum. She asked me to check out the company who have put one of those charity collection leaflets through her door. They seem to be broadening their catchment area as they are now targeting the Aviemore area in the north of Scotland.

  62. kev says:

    we get a leaflet through our door in cumbria from shc collections atleast once a month. i have no doubt that they are a scam.
    when they post leaflets here they do it over a wide area through all the local towns for collection on the same day. then they start in one place & keep going until their van is full and leave the rest.
    i am self employed and at the moment post bags out collect the donations back in for a real charity. on more than one occasion our filled collection bags have been stolen by this company and others like them, trying to fill up as quick as they can. this is work that i can not recoup my costs on as i cant claim from the charity when this happens.
    but there is nothing myself or the legitimate charities can do about it, only the householder who the bags where taken from can prosecute them for theft as until i have actually collected the goods they are still the householders property!
    i have tried emailing shc collections at the hotmail address, but my email was returned as the email address isnt real!
    i have also looked them up on companies house website and they are registered at a flat in essex now, still residential!
    it is disgusting that people are allowed to do this!!!
    i intend to film them removing bags intended for charity and send it in to the papers to try and get them to highlite it a bit.
    so remember if you leave a cancer research bag out or a barnardo’s one and shc collections take it, get a photo of them doing so and report it as theft as by entering your premisses to remove it they are stealing.
    hopefully if they get prosecuted enough times they will give up!
    (soz about the spellings)

  63. Lindsay says:

    I have received a leaflet through my door this morning in Dover South East Kent. I am glad I googled the company as I was considering leaving items for them as it sounded like a good cause, going straight to the people who need it rather than being stuck in a charity shop waiting to be sold.

    Also noticed a spelling mistake on the leaflet ( emtty – guess should be empty!) which obviously isn’t too professional.

    Does anyone know of a gueniune charity which does send items straight to people who need it rather than to sell in a charity shop?

    Think I may have given them a bag of items the first time they ccame round! Its obviously worth their while!

    Many Thanks

  64. J Towgli says:

    Had one of these last week in Ramsgate Kent, it came in the front door and out the back in my recycle bag, i thought it was very unusual that there was no sack with it as you get with registerd charities to put your unwanted items in, i know things are tight with money at the moment, but some lengths these people go to is sickening.

  65. MuchadosIIV says:

    I’ve just had a SHC Collections leaflet come through my letter box here in the Fylde. The leaflet bears the tell tale signs of it being a scam. Many signs have already been noted here in previous posts. Signs such as spelling errors, No contact address, A hotmail email address lol. And this time it is all in aid of providing jobs in the UK and affordable clothing for the ‘Third World’. Is’nt the ‘Third World’ the very place many of these “affordable” clothes were originally manufactured?.

  66. Susan says:

    SHC has been leafleting in Hawkinge, Kent. The text is superimposed on a black and white photo of children giving the impression that the collection will benefit a children’s charity. The pitch is that the company “who provide people in third world countries with clothes for their families they can afford.”
    Fair enough to recycle things but it’s not fair to try to give the impression that the company is a charity. Beware!

  67. Bob says:

    I stay near Nairn, in the north of Scotland, and have just received a leaflet, as described by others above…. All it takes is a minute to read the text for it to become apparent what is going on…
    I am not sure it is a scam, ie., an illegal swindle, as in the last paragraph on the leaflet they clearly state how they operate.
    It is obvious, however, that SHC are mimicking some registered charities approach to clothes collection, and are banking on most people making this association through the “first glance” appearance of their leaflet.
    Leaves a little bit of a sour taste in the mouth: they’re rascals….

  68. anne says:

    i live in elgin and have just filled 4 bags and left at door at 8am its now 5pm and bags still at door .decieded to check for details to phone and tried online to descover they are a scam. so will be going to a proper charity shop in the morning
    Thanks for warning!!

  69. Matt says:

    This is definitely a scam. The company is run by a Lithuanian called Andrius Stankevicius. I have his home address if anyone wants it!?Apparently this is a favourite way for Lithuanians to make money out of poor unsuspecting people. There was an article in the Guardian about it (under a different company name) in 2005 –

    I have reported this to the Advertising Standards Authority instead of trading standards (who do nothing). If you still have the flyer, simply go to the SAS website – and submit an online complaint. The more people that do this, the more likely this %&*@! will get done.

  70. Val says:

    Until last year i lived in East London, next door to a family of Lithuanians who ran an identical scam from home. Sackload after sackload of donated clothes, toys & anything else the unsuspecting public donated were taken into that address. Anything good enough to sell was taken to markets, what they couldn’t sell was left by the sackload for the dustmen. When they started refusing to take such huge amounts away they began flytipping on a play area at the back of our homes. The council would have to remove it every couple of weeks or so.
    What was sickening was that people give as much to recycle as to a good cause & so much of it ended up as land fill.
    Thought i’d left all this behind when i left London, but just received a SHC flyer here in a tiny Kent village

  71. HELEN says:

    I live in wick caithness scotland and got one of those flyers through door,
    so did my mum who is an o.a.p and was going to fill bags until i came on internet to check thanks to you all, thought it might be a scam.
    Its sad to think these people are doing this as my mum and many of my auntie are o.a.p’s and would like to think people went with out.
    thank’s again to you all.

  72. Kevin says:

    I also live in Wick and it is hard to believe that anyone would go to the trouble of coming this far North (we are 17 miles from John O Groats)to work a scam of this nature and post such a rubbish flyer .

    It goes to show just how gullible some of us are.

  73. Katherine says:

    I just had one of these through in Thurso so they are hitting both major towns in Caithness. I remember that article about these scams as well.

    It’s a scam if it has a Company Reg, a hotmail or yahoo email address or if there are spelling mistakes too.

    Only donate to registered charity shops in your local area.

  74. Laura says:

    I watched this scam on The Real Hustle last year. I also got a flyer through my door yesterday in Thurso and instantly knew it was a scam, and also seen the people that were delivering them and they looked really scruffy.

  75. Angie Chicken says:

    HI there,

    Today I received one of the aforementioned leaflets and was immediately suspicious, why indeed would someone in a third world, poverty stricken with little water and no food have any need for cosmetics, handbags and belts. I shall tonight be filling a great big black bag full of clothes and as its clean the hut night tonight, chickenshit. Regards 🙂

  76. Gill says:

    Hi there,

    They’re in Dorset now.
    As others have said, ’tis strange they want handbags, cosmetics, perfumes for third world countries.

    Would like these ‘charity’ scams to hit the headlines to inform us all of the sad, sick people that are duping so many of us.

  77. Phil says:

    Had another of these flyers this morning in Chesterfield, in addition to three other genuine collections in the last week. Last time the collection day was the same as a major national charity so presumably they can walk off with donations left for others. I have contacted Trading Standards a number of times in the past when SHC had a misleading “this is not a Registered Charity Company Reg: No xxxx”; clever that, but they want evidence of wrong doing. Now I just stick the flyer on the community notice board with a note not to give to this scam.

  78. SHC are delivering their leaflets in Wadhurst, East Sussex today, for a Thursday Collection, confronted the male delivering the leaflets, who could not speak a word of English, or so he blurbed, told him what his leaflets meant, mentioned calling the police to him, he ran off at high speed….

  79. Sandi A Johnson says:

    I find it spooky that I came on line to see if I could get any more info about SHC Collections Ltd and find loads of posts about the very same thing.

    I read the flyer and thought ‘what would folk in the third world need cosmetics and handbags for?’ and my nose twitched further when I read ‘a chance to emtty your wardrobes…. ‘ emtty? Like the contestants on *’Going For Gold’ I think I’ll have a P please Bob’ lol

    *a T V quiz game for students, years ago.

  80. Sandi says:

    P S

    Please don’t DUMP your old clothes, even the tatty stuff, as charities can sell them to other companies for recycling.

  81. June Williams says:

    Can I start something else other than Charity Shmarity? (I’m getting bored!) and I think people should be aware of something else.

    Has anyone been taken in like we nearly were?

    We had a company ring us about our ‘Sky’ maintenance agreement.

    The caller spoke to me on one day and to my husband the next. Both times they made out the following:

    They were reducing our existing monthly Sky maintenance agreement to £5.50 per month. In order for them to do this we were to cancel our existing direct debit and give them our debit card details.

    This sounds very generous of them. I intervened when I saw my husband get our debit card out of his wallet. As I deal with the banking and he doesn’t, he thought we must have such an agreement. We don’t. After my intervention he asked for more details and got the phone number of Sky Repair Services.

    When I rang the company back I was told that their sales team in the call centre are fed leads from a marketing company for people who probably have maintenance agreements of between £6 and £8 per month. The sales team (commission led I’m presuming) are supposed to make it very clear that Sky Repair Services are not connected to SKY in any way but are an independent company. No mention of this was made to either my husband or me. They made it sound like we had an existing agreement with them. As the company is called ‘Sky Repair Services’, this would seem plausible. However, I knew that we had purchased an insurance agreement for several years, from Sky proper, which still has a year to run.

    I advised the girl I spoke to at Sky Repair Services that their sales team were breaking their own rules and their methods were dubious. I also advised her to listen to the recorded phone calls to confirm this and that I would be contacting Trading Standards and Sky.

    The company is called Sky Repair Services UK Ltd and their address is: 4th Floor, Kingsland House, 21, Hinton Road, Bournmouth, Dorset, BH1 2DE. Their web site is

    This is probably a bona fide company, but their call centre sales staff are over-stepping the mark.

    June & Andy Williams. Manchester UK

  82. Mr. X says:

    I live in Waltham Forest, London. I got this bag. And I was about to fill it up with clothes to donate to the Third World when the hotmail address made it seem fishy and I decided to google it up. My intuition was right. Lo and behold, it’s a scam!

    Well, on a positive note, I must say that our apartment is pretty wasteful. We throw out on a weekly basis a lot of perfectly good pieces of clothing, food, etc, anyway, and I think giving it away, even to a profit-making company, is better than trashing it. Since it does really create jobs and stimulate the economy. But what I can’t stand are LIES and that it’s a charity when it’s not.

    They should clearly say they are a business in search of donations instead of lying they are a charity. That is a horrible crime.

    However, now that I have read this, I am not going to leave anything out for them. I’ll save them for the charity shops.

    Maybe they can ask from the charity shops as the shops like Oxfam discard a lot of other unwanted items. Let the Charity Shops like The Salvation Army have first priority over our stuff, then Oxfam, and these guys can wait for Oxfam to donate to them.

    They can then repair the clothes or do something about it. I think that’s fair.

  83. Mike says:

    Just had one deivered today and i live in a vilage in Hertfordshire. They have been delivering here for a few years now. its a scam and do not give to these ar*seholes! Ive seen the waste of spaces delivering them and they are european and probably ripping this country off on benefits etc. Notify your local Trading Standards, the more people notify Trading Standards the more some lawful action can be taken against these scum.

  84. rick says:

    dear sirs we put our bags out ready for pickup but as yei they are still here collection day was wednesday 2 april my adress is 9 xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx XX9 6XX can somone please pick them up they are in the poarch thanks

    ****** Edit by Andy, Rick actually put his full address in here, I dont think he gets that I am slagging them off, I’m not actually one of them! *****

  85. tsd says:

    i live in carmarthen south wales, and weve just recived a leaflet from SCH Collections.
    God they are willing to travel a long way for their new wardrobe :O!!!!
    No pictures this time
    unfortunately their collection day and time coincides whith the bin men :L
    who would be better off with my bags???
    jus wondered what third world countries want with perfume and make up when have no food???? lol

  86. Lily says:

    They’re in Wallasey, wirral too. I’ve just filled a black binbag with clothes and was about to tape their leaflet to it and leave outside. But I decided to check the internet first because I was a bit suspicious of their company number not being a registered charity number. I’m glad i decided to check it out. I’ll give the binbag to a worthy cause and hopefully someone who actually needs these items will recieve them.

  87. Laura says:

    Pleased I found your warning on this so called ‘charity’ – SHC Collections Ltd – they are in our area, Thorndon, Suffolk – I won’t be lining their pockets!!! Thank you again.

  88. Diane says:

    I live way up north of Scotland and got a leaflet as well, the day after Shelter left a legitimate collection bag. I was so angry that they were jumping on the back of Shelter that I phoned Shelter to let them know. Hopefully this means that the guys from Shelter will be there to pick up well before this lot are.

  89. cath says:

    i was going to put eight bags out in the morning, so glad i checked them out first

  90. paul says:

    Just had a leaflet through the door had spelling mistakes, I hate these vultures. Paul kincardine, fife

  91. Susan says:

    Just recieved leaflet this evening. Was about to put out some stuff that the last charity collectors missed, then remembered reading about third world collection scams. Re read leaflet. It was the spelling mistakes, hotmail address and lack of reg. charity no. that convinced me to check it out. I shall be warning the neigbours tomorrow! (East Sussex)

  92. Brian says:

    The House to House Collections Act 1939 (1939 CHAPTER 44) still in force would seem to apply. It is an Act to provide for the regulation of house to house collections for charitable purposes; and for matters connected therewith.

    Responsibility for licencing such collectors lies with the Met Police in London and District and Borough Councils outside the capital.

  93. Mary says:

    I found the leaflet beside my outside postbox and thought ‘ this cannot be a scam as it was printed on bright yellow paper and looked professional and what a good thing that donations would go to provide valuable things for the 3rd World’.

    I had put some things together and was about to find a ‘large bag’ when I thought I would look the company up on google.

    Good thing I did as I can see my first thoughts were right, in view of the other comments listed.

    Thank you to everyone, and I am now off to my local charity shop

  94. Paul says:

    Third World leaflet just delivered, in a small village in Lincolnshire!! They must really be getting desperate if they operate all the way out here. The person who delivered it looked to be an Eastern European female which immediately got my Spidey Senses going and led me here. Collection is on Wednesday, shame i’m at work then, I would have liked to have confronted them.

  95. Paul says:


    Here’s a scan of the leaflet:

  96. kazza says:


  97. Paul says:

    Yes! Great idea. Get that vid on Youtube for us all to enjoy!

  98. Maggie says:

    Go for it Kazza and don’t forget Youtube! I’m just a bit concerned as to where you’re going to get the contents from. Do you have horses? I’m considering saving the used cat litter for next time they come here.

  99. Gav says:


    Glad lots of people have taken the time to comment on this subject – I’ve had a leaflet for a collection this week in Lincolnshire – and i too will be leaving a few bags of garden waste. In fact I might have a clear out and leave a few bags by next door too.

    These people are scum – I thought there was a law about soliciting for giveaways in this manner – we all like to give to charity but these people need stopping.

  100. Clare says:

    They’re delivering to villages outside Grantham today. Think I might report them to as many people as possible, working on HMRC, ASA, Consumer direct, local police, local papers – any other ideas?

  101. Clare says:

    HMRC – done
    ASA – done
    Local Papers – 3 done
    Consumer Direct – probably not appropriate
    Local Police – maybe tomorrow


  102. Mrs T Ramsay says:

    I left a bag of clothes out to be collected yesterday Friday,could you arrange for someone to collect it please as it wasn’t picked up.

  103. andy says:

    Dear Mrs Ramsay,

    I think you have misunderstood the purpose of my post. I’m not FOR the activities of SHC collections, I’m exposing them as nothing more than fraudsters.

    In the unlikley event that anyone from SHC Collection is reading this you might want to tell them where you live so that they can complete their mission. Sadly, they will have no doubt leafleted the whole of the UK this week and so a Friday collection could point them in any number of directions!



  104. Sylvia H says:

    Well done Andy. I’ve just started delving into this company, so find yours and others comments immensely interesting.

    These So & So’s have targetted the Air Ambulance Collections in our area. I contacted GNAAS and aired my concerns they agreed to ask the driver to knock at my door to collect the goods.

    I typed a short note, duplicated it and posted a copy through all letterboxes on our road inviting people to deposit their donations on my doorstep.
    The response has been wonderful and that Great North Air Ambulance Service has received the donations as intended.

    Keep up the good work of Vigilance.


  105. Dilli Gaf says:

    Hi Andy,

    Good job mate,

    I was doing the same thing when I found your post.

    Another one for your file is W & W Help Ltd. Co Reg No.6296698.

    Both companies sent leaflets through this week even though W&W are being disolved for financial irregularities.

    Keep up the good work.

    Dilli Gaf

  106. Ramunas says:

    Hello Dear Sirs,
    I am looking for unsorted Door-to-Door goods from your company. If you are interesting in good partnership I will be glad. I am interesting in buing about 30000 kg per mounth. So if you can offer it please let me know.
    With best regards,

  107. Gareth says:

    just had a flyer through the door here in Winsford, Cheshire. It gave me the inspiration to sort out my stuff. So I filled the bag along with another three and left them outside for the collection before 8am this morning. They were still there after 12 noon, so I decided to check them out on the web.

    Glad I did.
    Didn’t think it was a scam. Thanks guys!
    All bags have now been taken to a very appreciative Barnardo’s, who I know will put them to good use and make money for the children.

  108. tim says:

    just to let you know they will (apparently) be in Mark, Somerset on Saturday 13th June!! I am already aware of these types, so run a search and found this.
    Needless to say, if I do have any of what they are after, I will take it to a charity shop myself, as should anyone else.


  109. Jon says:

    I just had a flyer. They will be in cheltenham on Friday 12th.

    Obviously a scam.

  110. sonia says:

    had a flyer through my door said they would collect 8am friday 12 june 2009 it is now 3pm and as they had not collected I decided to check them out and found your site. I am glad I did as I have now put the bags in my car and will take them to a charity shop.

  111. Steve says:

    These collected clothes do not go to 3rd world countries or even poor people.

    They do not even leave the country or county they are collected in.

    They are sent to companies that make what they call ‘felt’

    Depending on the ‘felt’ required – the clothes (now called rags) are sometimes sorted into colours and different coloured felt is made.

    But mainly they are sold to companies as ‘rags’ and are fed into a large grinding and cutting machine that makes grey felt for the bedding industry. (its the layer that lays over the matress springs)

    these ‘rags’ are expensive to buy and are sold by the bale.

  112. Alexa Barrow says:

    Had a flyer saying SHC will collect and to leave out by 8 a.m. at Tilford Surrey tomorrow Tuesday. Thought I could offload clothing left here by our two young who moved out over 25 years ago (both now approaching 50!). Bagged up 2 bags, and then thought this does not sound right! So looked at the web and found your site. Thanks for the warning. The two bags plus a lot more will be going to a local charity shop! But at least that yellow leaflet has started me clearing out!

  113. JULIE F says:





  114. Elisha says:

    ergh people who create bullshit charities like this piss me off, i work for a local charity and we are being forced into bancrupcy because the amount of donations has dropped dramatically, the credit crunch is enough we dont need these freudsters on top!

  115. michelle says:

    Crumbs i am locating to Oz and have 20 black sacks of Childrens clothes and desperate to get rid, was gone leave them out for them tonight as they are collecting tomoorow in Dover Kent. thanks for your advice, wont bother with the fraudsters now!!!

  116. Lesley says:

    Thanks for saving time to investigate further thought it was a scam!…great tip regarding company reg versus charity reg.
    Will inform neighbourhood watch to send e-mail.
    They seem to be working regularly in Kent.

  117. This SHS / SHC Collection have changed their tactic here, from an A5 flyer, that they put through the letterboxes, to an oblong white plastic sealed sleeve, with blue & red writing ( their blurb ) & figures on, with collection day, containing a plastic sack, (useful for own rubbish or taking unwanted items to a real charity shop ), same old scam !!!

    Tim – Wadhurst N.W.

  118. Nick says:

    I got a flyer today. SHC now collecting for the 3rd world. I’d be interested to see how much of their revenue goes to the 3rd world. Perhaps SHC might like to tell this website?

    Most people making donations to this organisation will expect it to have a largely charitable outcome ie most revenue going to the specified cause. Referring back to the piece at the top of this thread, N11 isn’t the third world. … and this “business” isn’t a charity

    This stinks

    Nick, Maidstone

  119. Marje says:

    Glossop Derbyshire – Received a yellow leafleft yesterday. saying they will collect on Wednesday – I felt it was a scam so checked it out and found your site – great to have my doubts confirmed – keep up the good work!

  120. Kevin says:

    Last weekend we had the yellow leaflet posted through our door, Third World Clothing Collection, We Urgently Need Clothing. SHC Collections are a company, not a charity, they dress up their leaflet by leading the un-suspecting charitable public into believing the clothes will go to third world countries, this is not the case. I have seen black sacks outside peoples houses , do these generous people really know the truth, if they want to give clothes to charity then take them to a charity shop or arrange for a charity to collect them.

  121. ant breeze says:

    hi were from the winsford area there is a big problem due to our washing machine being broken we went to our mothers house and left a green bin bag tucked away with NO stickers or no other markings giving people permission to take it on Thursday the 2nd of had clothes which were worth a substantial amount of money,also a babys car seat cover off her pram which is worth over £500 pounds which is now usless.we would like to know what you are going to do about this matter our phone number is 01606 596145

  122. Pat Beasley says:

    Thanks, Andy, thought this seemed like a scam, and you confirmed it. Will take my stuff to bona fide charity shop now. They are targeting this area in Suffolk this week. Will send scanned copy of leaflet to local papers etc.

  123. j bedford says:

    i’v just had 1 of these leaflets posted through my door and put it straight in the bin!!all of these so called charity company’s are just scammers who are takeing your stuff for themselves,and they are all usually polish!!i take my unwanted stuff to my local charity shop even though it is a bit of a pain on the bus,but rather that than thieving polish scum stealing it and walking around in it for free!!!.they are collecting in manchester 22 tuesday 14 so beware..

  124. Barbara Allsopp says:

    I too had a leaflet but didn’t have time to put anything out, I have just emailed them to ask when they will be back in town, I too looked them up on google and have found this site – scary! Thank goodness for the internet.

  125. Nic Orchard says:

    They have been active in East Kent, but having had a heads-up via Neighbourhood Watch messages I tend to study the material quite carefully now and this latest was obviously not related to any registered charity. Unfortunately, the number of collection bags left in this area means only one in ten will get anything from me- with the best will in the world I can only thin out my wordly goods so far at a time.

    Today, another bag appeared – and I saw the van delivering them too. ClothesAid, claiming to support NSPCC and pledging £75 per tonne of clothes. Having checked out their website, where there is advice regarding the bogus collectors, I am satisfied, but upset how suspicious I’ve become.

    Advice here:

  126. John Vasco says:

    Who-Hoo! Got a leaflet through the door this morning with identical wording to the leaflet shown at the top of this site. This one is from W&W and they’re collecting in 2 days time. Enough time to contact my local council, Broadland, and see if their Trading Standards Officers want to get on the trail of these fraudsters.

  127. Mrs J.Barton says:

    Have received a yellow leaflet through the door from SHC Collections. Only became concerned when i read it and it had the following on it
    “A chance to emtty your wardrobes of unwanted clutter and create space”
    Spot the mistake??????
    Will carry on doing as i have always done i think and carry on using re-cycle bins and the charity shops to dispose of my unwanted clothes…
    Hoorray for thr internet…

  128. Karen from Norfolk says:

    Well they do get around don’t they?
    Here we are in sunny North Norfolk, the back of beyond and we get one of these here.

    We got the plastic bag ‘treat’, empty is correct, but they can’t spell rely…*laughs*

    Just take the little extra time and get your stuff to a charity shop folkes, it’ll be far better used…

    Oh and the address I have got is FLAT 65 RIVER COURT, CENTURION WAY, GREATER LONDON, ESSEX, RM19 1ZZ

    No doubt another resdiential home

  129. peter hull says:

    I was checking up on shc collections when I found your site well done, just as I thought a scam!!!!

  130. Mrs B says:

    Hi, I too have received these leaflets and they seem to be quite keen, as we received one on Thursday for today’s collection and one today for Monday’s collection…..unbelievable!!

    I spotted that both leaflets, despite looking completely different, are from SHC collections and the one received today has a little girl making a ‘poor me’ face….really patronising.

    If you want to help 3rd world countries, then there are a lot of professional registered charities that will be very happy to receive your unwanted clothes etc…so definitely doing that myself.

    But the main reason I’m writing this post is in response to J.BEDFORD’s post from 13th July 9:12am – I’m from Manchester too and was appalled with the comments, hold your horses…do you have any proof that the people are polish? I find it very offensive what you said, I’m not polish but still find it a bit racist, unless you have any proof to make that statement, which I find very hard to believe, since we don’t even know exactly where this SHC is located, your statement is very prejudice.

    I hope the rest of the people reading these posts have genuine interest in helping people in need and not in using this space to spread prejudice comments.

  131. TOMY says:

    Hi I am Tomy.I have many many clothes are left here for charity purpose.Blankets, shoes, jeans,suites,like many things.Only thing is that Icannot sort it out and put in to the bags.Because in my case it is very task.So any body is collecting from my houseit is well and good for me. Now my address is [Redacted]. My phone number is [Redacted]. Today I will be avaiable at 12 0 clock. After 12 o clock i willnot be here. otherwise you tell me another available dates then iwillbe try for your please call me above phone number please. sorry ididn,t found your email address. If i found your email address defenitly i will send yur email address. so please forword concerned people. Or send on my email address please

  132. Portia says:

    I have had other such so-called charity requests and have always ignored them as they have a registered company number printed on the bag- a definite giveaway. Today I received one. This time SHS are targeting the third world. What gave it away for me, after reading the blurb on the outside of the neatly packaged plastic bag, were the dreadful spellng mistakes. I quote the following:

    “SHS Collection is a collection company who provide people in third world countries with clothes they can afford. This creates jobs for local people helping them become self sufficient not having to REALLY on state handouts or charity SHEMES allowing them to take pride in their ability to provide for themselves and their families”

    Thanks for posting their address and for this information

  133. Portia says:

    Latest address for SHS Collections as listed:

    Company Details – SHC COLLECTIONS LTD
    Registered No.06437255
    Type: Private Limited with share capital
    Incorporation Date: 26-11-2007
    Status: Non-trading company
    Last Accounts Filed up to: 30-11-2008
    Last Accounts Analysed: –
    Nature of business SIC: 52420 – Retail sale of clothing

  134. I Hate Racist Scum says:

    I’ve had one of the bags today, which led me to this site.
    Just wanted to say – J Bedford, if you happen to come back here after your earlier post… my username is for you!!!
    Racists are as bad in my book as these pretend charity scams.

  135. John W says:

    Really good to see people looking at this on here.

    I have recieved many of these SHC clothing collection leaflets and in fact have begun to get two a week from SHC collecting every tuesday and saturday In the Oldham area of Greater Manchester.

    I have also got a pile of other very similar dodgy looking ‘charitable company ‘ leaflets from various other that I am going to forward to trading standards .

  136. john c says:

    hi andy,great post,i have just received a white collection bag from this company and the guy who delivered looks as though he would benefit from the clothes more than anyone,they are collecting in fort william,scotland on monday 9th aug,but we take our stuff to cancer research shop,so they will be left with just their bag to take away

  137. Ann L says:

    Had my doubts about this company, also saw the hotmail address at the correspondence email.
    BHF circulated bags here last week for collection today and i know they are genuine, but didn’t like the look of this company, so therefore went searching the web for info. Thankfully came across this site. The bag is printed that they will be back here tomorrow (Tues 10 Aug), and that’s to Mid Argyll in west Scotland.

  138. Sick and tired of these people who think they can just take goods which are valuable to genuine concerns and use them for their own greed. I check out every leaflet that arrives through my door and 1 out of 20 are genuine, the rest are a scam…and it’s been going on for years so it must still be viable for them.
    It really must be stopped, there are genuine cases of poverty out there, including orphanages and people caught up in typhoons who have lost everything including family and have nothing left and no means of surviving except from charitable people like us who want to help them but are being cheated out of that goodwill by greedy, thieving lowlife who would take the bread out of the mouths of children to feed their own consuming ambition to keep this vile business going, which has now spread over the entire Country. Has anyone out there got any ideas how to prevent them continuing.
    On one website someone said to fill the bags with kitchen/garden waste and dog poo, used cat litter ect and leave that out for them with the leaflet celletaped to it – sounds good to me – but not always available – any other sound ideas ???

  139. Caroline Stuart says:

    I live in Folkestone and have just received the white plastic bag with the same print as Portia, August 5, with same words and spelling mistakes.

    I also find J Bedford’s (July 13) racist remarks about the Polish very offensive. We have quite a few in Folkestone, including a bakery/cafe and a grocers and they are some of the most charming, polite and hardworking people I have ever met.

  140. Dawn (Scotland, U.K) says:

    Cheers Andy!
    The scam is still going(Aug 2009), except they have minimilised the bright yellow leaflet. No cute little kittens, just plain paper (do you think the distributors have read your blog?!)
    Basically leaflet says they are looking for clothes, perfume, underwear,belts, bedding, blankets,towels, toiletries. They will collect rain or shine and to leave out before 8am.
    The company provides people in third world with clothes for their families they can afford.
    The info they provide is Company Reg Number and hotmail address (which are still exactly the same).
    Good detective work, and thanks again 🙂

  141. Eleri (Carmarthen, West Wales) says:

    Thanks for the warning. I did have my suspicions due to the spelling mistake (emtty) & Co. Reg No. (instead of a Charity No.). They’re even targeting sunny West Wales now!!

  142. cath says:

    They also in Morecambe & Heysham, same old same old – spelling mistakes, co. reg number instead of charity number and a hotmail email address – err no I don’t think so.

    Keep up the good work.

    There was no need for the offensive, ignorant and judgmental remarks made by J Bedford (13 July).

  143. Terri says:

    They have also made it all the way up to Thurso in the far north of Scotland (near John O’ Groats). How shameless are thes folk – to take clothes for free and SELL them to the people of the world who can least afford it! Disgusting!! Surely the local authority or policce should be able to do something about these con artists?? At least now people all across the country are aware its a sham and can spread the word – hopefully they’ll get no more freebies from good people to line their pockets!

  144. Ann says:

    Thank you all, i read about this on and decided to give this site a look. i’m glad i did. this company has not yet reached me in Wick (near Terri in Thurso), if/when it does the leaflet will go directly into my recycling bin and my unwanted goods will go to a local charity shop. keep up the good work everyone.

  145. These scumbags, SHC are back here in Wadhurst, East Sussex, today, doing their door to door A5, yellow / red & white leaflet drop for this Friday collection. This company are using people who may well be illegals or foreign students, to deliver their leaflets, the one i warned off could speak no english at all, the one before this i warned off, with me threatening to call the police, he ran off.

    Some leave their bags of leaflets at the end of roads while delivering round, such a nice target to pick up when litter picking, and bin for recycling. This SCAM business needs shutting down by the Authorities, before others will shut it down.

  146. Michelle says:

    Just to let you know, they put these bags out to us last Friday and I live in Halkirk, Caithness – 30 miles or so from John o groats. We had a company not so long ago doing the same, but we were warned about it in our local paper. Its terrible because now I will never put items this way to charity and it could all be legitimate.

  147. bella Wishart says:

    hi, these people have now made it to Orkney!!!! got a leaflet through the door yesterday advertising collection tommorrow–glad i checked it out- will be donating all my stuff to the local red cross.

  148. morag says:

    thankyou for information just got leaflet though door instead of emptying wardrobe putting leaflet in recycle bin and there spelling is as bad as mine. it says achance to emtty your wardrobe i live in perthshire

  149. Alex Wood says:

    Hi Andy,

    Fascinating info posted on here! I’m the Regional Manager for the Mind Charity Shops in the North of England, and on Friday 4/9/09 one of my self employeed collectors called me to say he’d had a run in with one of SHC/SHS’s collectors whop was quite blatantly picking up our CLEARLY MARKED Mind bags and piling them into his white van Reg BJ05 MOV. This was in the Wallsend area of Tyneside.

    When challenged, he returned them claiming he did not realise we were collecting! Ours were not the only bags he had taken…

    To everyone reading this, please please please if you see these people taking bags from the street for ANY legitimate charity, stop them ask them for ID and what they are doing! ALL of our collectors carry ID and will happily present it to anyone who asks.

    If the bag says Mind, British Heart Foundation, etc, then when it goes out onto the street, it is legally the property of that charity, and anyone else who takes it is stealing. These people need reporting to the police as they’re taking money away from genuine charities trying to help those who need help! We rarely get prosecutions against them as we rarely get evidence, so picturesand witnesses always appreicated!
    .-= Alex Wood´s last blog .."Bike Belles" call for safety on the roads =-.

  150. lostpatience says:

    It is so hard not to be racist in this case. I certainly am not in any other regard, having worked with rock against racism in the past. But haven’t you noticed that they are operating all around the country. That means a lot of people invovled, to whatever degree. I now have eight cameras around my house to keep the polish people next door out of my property. Some of the things they have done are, taking my bank card out of my bag for some reason, scrolling through my telephone records where at that time I did telephone banking [no longer] obtaining money by deceipt, asking tradesmen to come and quote for jobs on my property, I only fell for one of them, to have the pointing done on the ridge tiles, which all fell out after a year, ask for my housekeys for an appointment she had made with a window replacemant firm on a day that she knew I was at college,, and also I have had nails in my tyres, concrete in my drains, guttering dislodged, and numerous plants and trees in my garden and in pots ready to be planted being damaged or killed or cut down for over around eight years, cameras facing my back door, lights overlooking my backbedroom flashing on and off even on strobe for three nights until two minutes after I told my husband I was going to video it, listening devices [believe me]etc. The business partner she came up here to work with is a once-convicted computer hacker, no I don’t do wireless, and don’t do telephone banking. The latest trick is to have an aerial which is designed to interfere with the radio and telephone signals my suspecions and beliefs endorsed by the son telling his friend what the ariel was for. And what were those horse vitamins for?
    There was also the case of the council tax being paid for only one single parent dweller. This is not a very big place and I get the feeling that there are a lot of people connected here. That’s why I get suspicious of all. After all this company is a national concern. and yes I have approached every body which should be concerned but will not come to my defence because they are afraid of being called racist. The last time I went to the police station I was literally shown the door. And just in case you are wondering, no I have not done a single thing against them, not even pointed one of my cameras at their property. All I do now is tell people what is and has happened. Tell me how not to be racist in this case.
    What is it they are afraid of, that I am clever enough to spot all their goings on, well, some of them, like the horse vitamins [what are they for by the way, is it to cut hard drugs with or to make false medical products with to sell on the internet? We would not move and be out of pocket for them. Being a pensioner I do not plan to live here on this difficult site forever but could not afford to move until the house was refubished without losing money.

  151. Mike D says:

    Looks like SHS are in the Stoke on Trent area at the moment…

    There are so many needy charities in the UK that operate in a clear and open fashion..

    Why are these people allowed to operate……………..

    Support your local charity…

  152. pn says:

    SHS/SHC are now in south oxfordshire

  153. Vicki says:

    So glad I just checked this – was about to fill a bag, but thought I would check them out as never heard of them before (opposed to the BHF, Children ones etc) who always put bags through my door but then never collect!

    At least now my daughters clothes that are too small can go to a genuine home along with my old bits n bobs! Thanks for the useful info 🙂

  154. Vicki says:

    So glad I just checked this – was about to fill a bag, but thought I would check them out as never heard of them before (opposed to the BHF, Children ones etc) who always put bags through my door but then never collect!

    At least now my daughters clothes that are too small can go to a genuine home along with my old bits n bobs! Thanks for the useful info 🙂

    Oh and for your information, they are delivering in Connor Downs, Cornwall today (12th Oct 2009)

  155. Jeff says:

    They are also in the Cheshire area this week

    I must admit though, it made me smile with the spelling mistakes on the collection bag, so I have put in an old dictionary for them when they collect!!

  156. Margaret says:

    They are in the Porthleven, Cornwall area collecting Friday 16th. Am very glad I checked them out first. More spelling mistakes too!!! Will wait for Heart Foundation/Cancer Care For Cornwall instead.

  157. Lucy says:

    They are collecting in the Preston, Lancashire area on Wednesday the 21st October. This time with a bag, rather than just a flyer, Loads of spelling mistakes, very dodgy!

  158. Dave says:

    They are posting their leaflets in Stalybridge this morning. No chance of them collecting anything here. We must get at least one so called “charitable” company leaflet dropping every week. These con artists should be stopped from conning the british public!!

  159. Haworth says:

    They are collecting in Blackburn this morning. I have two bags full of Ladies and childrens clothes sat here as I write this But now I checked out their SCAM I will take the clothes down to a local charity shop thanks for the info.

  160. Peter says:

    October 22nd, They are back in Pevensey. Since most of my neighbours put out stuff last time, they will have rich pickings around here.

  161. Ann Cox says:

    Just thought I would have a quick check at what appears, at a quick glance, to be a charity registration number on the bag, which is in fact a company registration number. So glad I did. I actually saw the guy delivering the bags and his appearance raised my suspicions. I shall continue to support my local genuine charities.

  162. mandy says:

    Newcastle area this week aswell, I had just sorted out alot of old stuff and said it had been a while since we had a charity collection bag, and sure enough SHS bag dropped on my mat, dont usually read the details but im bored! and noticed at least 2 spelling mistakes which made me suspicious so thought Id google them and found this site, cant believe im not alone in thinking these things are a scam, 20 minutes later a bag from The Mind Shop, with full address and Charity Registration number on bag (with no spelling mistakes) so they will get my donations not SHS

  163. KATY says:

    Glad I decided to check this company out. I feel so sorry for people in 3rd world countries, we are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful country with all its faults. I was just about to give them 4 new tops I had just bought, plus 3 new swin wear I bought for next years holiday. how silly am I. just before I put them in the bag I thought I would see if the net had anything to say about them. glad I did. how can people use the sadness of the 3rd world to exploit others goodness. lesson – don’t trust anyone. sad sad world.

  164. KATY says:

    Glad I decided to check this company out. I feel so sorry for people in 3rd world countries, we are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful country with all its faults. I was just about to give them 4 new tops I had just bought, plus 3 new swin wear I bought for next years holiday. how silly am I. just before I put them in the bag I thought I would see if the net had anything to say about them. glad I did. how can people use the sadness of the 3rd world to exploit others goodness. lesson – don’t trust anyone. sad sad world. (somerset)
    why are’nt the authorities doing something about this scam. ???????

  165. ron says:

    In Surrey today. Shan’t be “emttying” any cupboards for them though!

  166. Lisa says:

    Just had one of these put through the door. Today’s had an image of dolphins!
    As always several spelling mistakes!!!

    I’m going to inform my neighbours about this HUGE scam as their items are undoubtedly heading for a carboot sale or ebay!
    It makes me sick as in my area, we have these so called charity leaflets put through the door on a daily basis. Genuine charities don’t stand a chance really.

    So these chancers are collecting in the Wakefield area of West Yorkshire tomorrow (3rd November 09)

    We should all contact “Watchdog” as this is a national scam! & they should be investigated!

  167. Lisa says:

    Please help & report these scummy scammers by reporting to Consumer Direct

  168. Ruth says:

    just had one of these through the door in Blackpool, for overseas families, they took something left on my doorstep!

  169. Ruth says:

    Tried to e-mail them- the address is a fake!

  170. Mark says:

    Well I thought I was right, got their leaflet this morning and not only was I suspect because of the HOTMAIL email address (please who uses Hotmail), but the wording as said before ‘ THEY PROVIDE AFFORDABLE CLOTHES’, not Give clothes. Compaines like this should be banned as its effectively begging and most likley be set up by EASTERN europeans trying to make a buck or too.. Anyway they are in the Surrey / Cranleigh area this moring, 5th November 2009…

  171. steve p says:

    Now in High Peak Derbyshire. The leaflet has a picture of a young girl in distress. There is no mention on the leaflet that this is a charity. I somehow believe that the collection of the stated items require a license so have requested feed back from High Peak BC

    Registered office of the company now showing as

    RM19 1ZZ
    Company No. 06437255

    This though does not mean that this is the operating centre, only where official documents of the company are kept unless otherwise stated.

    I do not believe that the goods in the main are for the European market or car boot sales, I do though think that the value of recycle materials at this time is very high, hence the willingness to travel so far afield

  172. steve p says:

    Anyone removing waste from your household should be licensed with the Environment Agency to do so.

    This can be checked with the EA by phoning 08708 506506 and requesting an instant Waste Carrier Validation Check.

    Alternatively you can now check online through the EA’s new waste carrier register on the Environment Agency’s website. Registered waste carriers can be located by postcode on the website.

    This company would not appear to have such a license as either a carrier or broker.

  173. Zoe says:

    Just had a leaflet, no spelling mistakes and only a picture of the globe/world, posted through my door in Salford, Manchester.

    The bottom of the leaflet now reads: “Please note SHC COLLECTIONS LTD is a commercial organization not a charity”

    I only support known charities or local charities, and read the leaflet to see if it was a new one I wasn’t aware of. What bemused me was that it said “Third world CLOTHING collection” but then listed a whole load of other items such as handbags, perfume, jewellery and mobile phones which as far as I was aware does not fit the category of ‘clothing’. Clever chancers, as I suspect if I look out on the street tomorrow morning, it’ll have several bags with the leaflet stamped to it.

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