Happy Birthday to Dad

It is my Dads birthday tomorrow, he wont be reading this but I’ll say it anyway, “Happy Birthday Dad!”

We couldnt make it to his birthday lunch with the rest of the family on Sunday, so I suggested taking him out for lunch on Saturday. We picked them up and headed to the Wetherby Whaler in Wakefield. Here’s Mum and Dad as we chatted while waiting for our food.


Hurrah, my “Giant” Haddock arrived. I can confirm that it was wonderfully cooked, the chips were like Gran used to fry and the mushy peas perfectly mushed πŸ™‚


On the way home we stopped off at New Miller Dam and enjoyed a treat from the ice cream van. The boy in the ice cream van had 2 hearing aids, he was very good though.


A couple handing out religious postcards were quickly rebuffed by me. Unfortunately, Mum opened things up again, “is it religious? I’ll take one, I am a confirmed Christian.” I then had to spend the next 5 minutes explaining how this version of religion is just a little bit kooky.

We then went for a walk in the woods along the waters edge. An Andrex puppy being walked by a couple caused quite a stir, I put my foot down, no dogs allowed in my house!

We made it back to the car with seconds to spare on the parking meter and completed the journey back to Mexborough, dropping off the parents, finally driving back to Sheffield and liberating a couple of Lagers from the fridge.

A succesful day and mission accomplished πŸ™‚

The End.

3 Responses to Happy Birthday to Dad

  1. sharon says:

    OMGood God ! Those Fish and Chips looks Truely Scrumptious ( Woody Lives ! ) ….How do I get there?????

    *……Did you note the I and not we…..Ha ha πŸ™‚ x

  2. sharon says:

    OOOOOO Never Mind …Just spotted to link …Ta Muchly

  3. Karl says:

    That sounds smashing. We’re going to have to get a divorce when we retire as that’s when the dog/no dog issue will come to a head in our house. (I’m the miserable one – it’s no dogging for me. What? That’s something else?)

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