My Twitterings on 2008-10-11

  • why did I get up so early? Is 9am too early to take a nap? #
  • just been to town on a mission to open two child saver accounts, sadly aborted due to lack of staff in the branch 😦 #
  • saw the cutest thing in town, 2 boys, not emos, just normal sweet looking 16 y/o boys, walking along holding hands, how times have changed! #
  • just been to debenhams sale got a rocha-jon-r shirt now enjoying beer and free wifi in wetherspoons 🙂 #
  • Wanted dimsum ended up in chinese buffet. Not so bad 🙂 #
  • watching x factor the result: scott is ok but since when did matt bianco have any luck? Also, that Diana looks like she just got out of bed #
  • so its battle of the girl bands with stoopid names; “bad lashes” wtf does that mean and “girl band” wtf kind of lazy name is that ? #
  • omg girlband’s dresses look like sacks of sh*t #
  • fyi to the blonde one in bad lashes, don’t stand in front of a spotlight if you have almost 100,000,000 split ends! #
  • bye bye bad lashes #

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