Salmon & Kippers or Chalk & Cheese ?

I mean really, could we be any different?

I’m having a lovely piece of Salmon, carefully pan fried to perfection. Paul is boiling some Kippers in a bag.

Salmon Kippers

Of course I loved the Salmon, but I do envy the ability to eat Kippers. I love the taste of the smoked Herrings but I cant abide all those tiny bones.

Although I love the fish (of all kinds) I wasn’t brought up with it. It seems I never learned the trick of eating boney fish with mouthfuls of bread and butter to help the bones slip down!

PS, Please excuse my dirty hob, I do clean it regularly, you’ve just caught me at the end of my clean/dirty cycle 🙂

One Response to Salmon & Kippers or Chalk & Cheese ?

  1. Jo says:

    I guess I’ve just never had a really boney kipper because I’m ok with them BUT I prefer salmon

    Jos last blog post..It’s dawned

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