• uuughh, Girls Aloud are miming on gmtv 😦 Shame cos its a nice song really, reminds me of some happy 60’s pop tune. #
  • bah! just had a battle with NatWest, “there is another way” they say, I say its just a pity it’s not the way I want it done! #
  • is watching Dead Set, Big Brother meets 28 Days Later. It’s surprisngly good so far! #

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2 Responses to

  1. Jo says:

    How many pieces of spam??

  2. Sharon says:

    ooooooo if only you knew how long it took me this lunchtime to remember that film title….only I ended up with 28 days (forgot the later ) …and couldn’t remember how many weeks the sequal was.
    Paul was absolutley useless…when I kept trying to give random clues as to the sleeve on the DVD …and london City Centre and Bloke with Surgeon’s clothes on …….Plus Robert Carlisle …..all Paul could come up with was “Full Monty” and “Trainspotting ” ………..Useless.

    Anyhoo have checked my mail andcan’t find the one from you ….you sure u sent one …or are you yet AGAIN winding me up and making me CCCraaazy Lady x x

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