Holiday Randoms…..

OMG I thought tetra packs of Don Simon for €1 were the bottom of the barrel, in fact this supermarket own brand has it beat by a third. €0.60 for a litre of rose wine. I didnt taste it but I’m sure its more than fit for tramps. It will probably make them sleep too 🙂


Do you think Anthony Worrall Thompson has any idea that he is endorsing this range of kitchenware?

TorremolinosOct2k8 051

Another OMG, can you imagine? Lewis Hamilton staying in our hotel???

TorremolinosOct2k8 044

Ok, whatever you say, I’m sticking to my story!

TorremolinosOct2k8 048

Oh yeah, and him above, taking time off from his internet life as cheezus69 to appear in person as Martin.

Ok, several of these are not quite strictly true, but I thought ’em funny. So there!

One Response to Holiday Randoms…..

  1. Stella says:

    I TOTALLY wondered why you’d gone on hols with Martin when I saw this photo in your Flickr!

    Stellas last blog post..It Snowed

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