Crappy Christmas Gifts #001

Grandad, ” Oh, look Mummy, one of those wee-wee things!”

Grandma, “It is, isn’t it? Oh, yes the wireless controllers, I remember something about that.”

Grandad, “…and it’s only £29.99 reduced from £49.99, I thought they were much more expensive than that last Christmas.”

Grandma, “Lets get 2, we can keep one at our house for when ‘lil Jonny comes to visit and one for his Christmas present.”


There’s gonna be tears all over this Christmas. I can’t believe they get away with selling this crap!

3 Responses to Crappy Christmas Gifts #001

  1. Sharon says:

    Andrew !!!!! How Shallow….What if you can’t affford to pay £170 for a real Wee wee…..those poor people….you know …the one’s on benefits who have to buy take away for their kids …….and have to find solice in the pup car park to have a social life….to smoke cigarettes because of the stressfull life they lead…the ones who …….

    …………..Hang on a minute…they are the only ones who CAN afford the real Wee Wee…..Forget it !!!! Yea .I concurr…( spelt wrong ) ..Wot a load of Crap !!

  2. Sharon says:

    And why is Grandad calling Grandma Mummy – Lol

  3. andy says:

    didnt you ever hear Granpaerents doing that?

    mine did, and I’ve heard others doing it

    Grandad calls Grandma “mummy” out loud when the kids are there (cos to them she is mummy) and then as old age sets in they carry on doing it when they are alone. I think you’ll find that what I was doing was an excellent example of observational comedy. Except, by making me explain it, you’ve kind of spoilt it all.


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