Phishing around

Quite possibly the worst phishing email I’ve ever seen. How can they expect anyone to fall for this load of shit?

We recently determined that various computers connect on your account Abbey, Password and of multiples checs taient present before connection. We now need assure you again information of your Abbey account.

If this n’ d’ is not completed; here on November 6, 2008, we will be constrained to suspend your account indefinitely, Because it can have uses d’ fraudulent ends.

We thank you for your comprehention in this manner. To confirm your online banking of the files, click on the following bond:

>>> Click Here < <<

Thank you for your patience. Abbey service customers.

S' you like it do not answer has this e-mail because c' is only one notification.
Email to send has this address cannot be answered.

1999-2008 Abbey. All rights reserved

I’m guessing that all the D’ and S’ things and the general lack of syntax is a result of translating from some French language based African country?

Oh, hang on, I’ve checked some of the emails and letters leaving our office……. uh, forget I said anything 🙂

One Response to Phishing around

  1. We just got a report of the first phishing attack in Greek language. Online Banking

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