Saturday bloody Saturday

We had a heavy night last night and after dragging ourselves out shopping today, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch out.

I ordered the 21 day matured, 8oz rump steak, as you can see, it was a bargain at a fiver 🙂


I ordered my steak rare, which can be a problem when it arrives on one of these cast-iron sizzling skillet things. Luckily, it was sitting on a bed of sliced onion that kept it from cooking further.

WARNING : Look away now if you dont want to see its beautiful rareness as testified by the blood seeping out 🙂 mmmmm, great for dipping your chips in!


That is all.

One Response to Saturday bloody Saturday

  1. David says:

    Of course. Why ruin a good thing by overcooking it? My dad insists on having rolls with his meat to “sop up the blood.”

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