Money, money, money!

December 31, 2008

Yay, I won a tenner on the Blades Super Draw 🙂


Now this is particularly good when you consider that I’ve only been playing for 2 months.

I also got some Premium Bonds for my birthday so I now have high hopes for a win on those too!

Christmas Traditions Old and New

December 27, 2008

Christmas flew by in a blur didnt it? All that preparation and then in a flurry of visiting, eating, drinking and gifting, its all over.

Something I noticed this year was a distinct lack of Turkey. We ourselves had Beef and I’ve heard so many people talking about going back to traditional Geese and even 3 Bird Roasts 🙂

We’ve got a little tradition of our own starting up. Over the last few years myself and Paul are getting progressively later when it comes to opening our gifts to each another. The last few years its been late on Christmas day, this year it was late on Boxing day. When it comes to the things I’ve bought Paul and he has bought me, we like to do it in private. Settle down at the back, it’s not like that, no rude pressies! We like to buy each other a few stocking fillers to open, silly bits of stuff that we might not otherwise stock up on. A lot of it is foodie bits that I like and he doesn’t and vice versa. I scored some Olives, Corn Chips, a Nasi Goreng meal kit and a Chilli n Garlic Mill to name just a few. He got some tinned Braised Eel (will he try it?), Toffee Popcorn, Turkish delight (2 kinds) and Chinese Egg Cake (really!) among his gifts.

Of course, we had opened our gifts from other people at the same time they opened theirs. This year it was especially nice that Nephew Jacob, being only weeks away from his 10th birthday, took time to look at and enjoy his gifts. Nephew Joe, being only weeks away from his 5th birthday, continued his tradition of tearing the wrapping off and only glancing briefly before reaching for the next thing to unwrap!

After Christmas lunch, several members of the family took time out to practice another traditional Christmas activity 🙂

Christmas 2008
Christmas 2008

Sleeping those sprouts off!!


December 13, 2008

I want to blog.

I like to blog.

Why can’t I blog?

We got back from holiday last week and I’ve been finding it hard to find time to sit down and write something. It’s not that I have nothing to say, its more about time management. I spend a lot of time sitting at this keyboard, well not this actual keyboard as its a new one, but generally I spend a lot of time here on the ‘puter. So…. oh yeah, each time I sit down, intending to enlighten you as to events chez Andy, I then start browsing shopping sites. I’m doing lots of shopping online of course, just like everyone else at Christmas.

I should be telling you about……

How I like the Nespresso advert starring George Clooney,

How I howl with laughter at the new Pringles advert, “…and they’re in a bag which is amazing!!”

How switching Banks isnt always the easy thing that it promises to be.

How my work is causing myself and everyone else concern about job losses and possible “tupe” to another company.

How I can’t find any inspiration for Christmas gifts for several people* this year.

How I asked Mum for a few old photos and now have the job of digitising around 1800 pictures.

How, and dont tell anyone else cos its a bit Jeremy Kyle, I gained a new Nephew overnight!

So, thats me lately , at least 2 of those things needs further explanation, hopefully this little post will help me unblock and I can explain all 🙂

*Not you, obviously, I know exactly what to get for you 🙂

Cutting the cord……

December 8, 2008

It was my Birthday last week and amongst my lovely cards, I also scored some cash!

I’ve been thinking of going wireless for some time now, so this seemed like a golden opportunity.

Keyboard&Mouse 003

Thanks to all that contributed 🙂