Harry’s Game


Bah! Imagine reading this, barely moments (2 years and 3 months and a bit) after I’ve officially tied the knot with Paul.

The cow, I bet she was rubbish and didn’t put out, so I’d have packed her too!

On the plus side, this means that now he’s free from that “girlfriend” Chelsy Davey, my (totally age inappropriate) crush on Harry can move to “another level.”

His moving to Sheffield to be close to me will not be ideal, given that he has a lot of London duties and stuff but we’ll work something out.

In a statement issued today, I said “Bugger! Obviously, my thoughts are with Harry and his family at this sad time and his need for meaningless gratification at this time”

2 Responses to Harry’s Game

  1. Jo says:

    Lol! So you’ll be divorcing Paul then to allow new relations to “develop”!

    Jos last blog post..Unconscious Mutterings #313

  2. Andrea says:

    He is quite the hottie isn’t he? You are too funny!

    Andreas last blog post..………….and off she goes again!

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