11 Stone 7 Pounds

So here we are, another couple of pounds towards my goal 🙂

Just 1 more pound and I’ve taken off a stone, how good is that? Well, it certainly feels good. I think I can tell the difference already, my waist has certainly lost a little, I’ve had to move to the next hole on my belt buckle 🙂 I could be wrong but I also feel like my throat area (cant bring myself to say wattle!) is feeling tauter.

I do however, see a (silver) cloud on the horizon. On Saturday we are going to Benidorm for a few days of R&R, returning on Wednesday. Dont get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to the holiday, its just what I need given all the recent worry about work. The cloud I’m referring to is of course, the All-Inclusive hotel we will be staying at! I just need to convince myself that making only one trip to the buffet per meal is perfectly ok 🙂

I’m working on a holiday mantra, “just one plate of food, what a good boy you are, just one plate of food, what a good boy you are…..”

*PS. I’m experimenting with posting this by email, hope it shows up ok 🙂

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