Can’t blog for blogging

I’ve been rather neglectful of my blog lately, I’m sorry about that and I’ll try to do better. I think that micro-blogging on Twitter and Facebook is getting in the way of “proper” blogging. I may have to resort to turning this blog into a log of all my other online activity!

However, before that happens, I’m posting this here meme that I invented 2 minutes ago 🙂 What, you ask, is the unique angle that this meme exploits and explores? Quite simply, I list 10 thing that are irking me or delighting me this week and you have to work which is which.

The “you work out which of these 10 things are irking or delighting me this week” meme.

1 My weight loss plan making a u-turn, see here

2 That I’ve been catching up on missed Desperate Housewives and have started to enjoy it again.

3 The stupid TUPE that didn’t happen on the 1st of Feb, was again delayed on 1st March and still hasn’t happened. WHO do I work for today?

4 Not being able to see “private” blog updates in my RSS feeds, you know who you are and you’re causing me extra mouse clicks 😉

5 My forthcoming 5 days all-inclusive in Torremolinos.

6 That there was no episode of Heroes this week and I’m going away so will have to catch up after everyone else.

7 That the weather is finally picking up, I went for a nice walk by the river at lunchtime today.

8 My Paul getting with it, joining Twitter and putting it on his iGoogle.

9 The idiots kids that are roaming the estate EVERY evening knocking the coping stones off of everyone’s walls.

10 That I didn’t really think this through and cant think of a 10th thing to list. Oh, scratch that and add something about how annoyingly addictive I’m finding FB Bejewelled Blitz.


2 Responses to Can’t blog for blogging

  1. Jo (Laquet) says:

    1 Irk
    2 Delight
    3 Irk
    4 Irk
    5 Delight
    6 Irk
    7 Delight
    8 Delight
    9 Irk
    10 Delight

    How did I do?

    Jo (Laquet)s last blog post..More in the neverending list of notes to self

  2. andy says:

    Jo, you did very well, I’d say 9 out of 10, but the jury is still out number 10, I think Bejewelled Blitz irks and delights in equal measure 🙂

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