11 Stone 4 Pounds

I was pleasantly surprised by the read-out on the scales this morning. I must confess to being very naughty over the last two days. It started on Monday evening when I suggested we had a well earned treat for our Evening meal. We first thought of the Indian buffet, but we’d done that last week so decided to go all out and have KFC!

Paul drove round and collected our usual, a Variety Bucket containing 4 pieces on the bone, 4 breast strips, 4 bags of fries and a small popcorn chicken. In the time it took him to return from the drive-thru, I had opened and heated a tin of baked beans to go on the side.

What’s that I hear you gasp, “That’s too much food for two people?” Well, yes it is, I’ll grant you that. In fact, it lasts us 2 meals, we ate our fill on Monday and then finished off the remainder on Tuesday evening 🙂

Considering this, you’ll see why I’m pleased not to have gained any weight, never mind hoping to have lost any!

You can see here that I’ve made amends tonight, here’s my evening meal, Lime and Coriander Salmon on a bed of Potato cakes with a drizzle of tomato olive oil and a grinding od chilli and garlic.

Lets see what that does for my waistline 🙂

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