Wondering what else will break down this weekend?

Jeepers, must update more often 🙂

Anywho’s or something, an event in my life has made it into blog life.

This morning I was posting to 12 seconds as you can see below. I mentioned that the boiler fix cost 250 quids, the car servicing another 180 quids and the light bulb in the fire turned out to be 9 quids. I was asking if anything could cost me any more this weekend. I supposed not, watch the video.

Wondering what else will break down this weekend on 12seconds.tv

Shortly after making this video I went to the spare room to find that the wardrobe clothes rail thingy had snapped. So loads of creased clothes to sort out. Hmmmmmm…..

So thats the (hopefully) the final thing to go wrong this weekend.

Fingers crossed 🙂

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