On Friday or Saturday, something went wrong and this here blog thing of mine upped and died.

It turns out some hidden iFrame links had been injected into some of my pages and this caused the problems.

There is some info here if you think you could use it.


On this useful page you can check your own web pages.


Re-installing clean code to my servers should have been an easy job, except I panicked and deleted things too soon, causing me all sorts of grief with the SQL databases. Still it’s a learning curve isn’t it? The upside being that I know a lot more than I did before.

I suppose that a second upside is that its given me a reason to blog!

So like, Yay! it’s a win/win. NOT!

I actually have loads to blog about but sadly have little inclination to do so. I only discovered the problem when I went to blog on Saturday, the subject being me notching up another year as a non-smoker. I may still make a retrospect posting to commemorate that little milestone 🙂

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