Identity Card

IdentityCard2, originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

Another blast from the past. All this Hoo-Haa about identity cards, I had one for our school trip to Germany in 1985ish, and here it is* in all its unsophisticated, un-laminated glory.

I still remember that jacket made from ever so stylish gray canvas, I loved it so!

I’ll give a small prize** to anyone that can name the brand of hair laquer I was using!

*I only redacted my mums address and my DOB 🙂

** Really, I will!


Well no one got it, my friend Nick used his Mums Elnette, however I can exclusively reveal that my brand of choice was the very affordable Insette!

3 Responses to Identity Card

  1. Jonathan says:

    Well, if you were anything like me then I reckon it’s a bit of your Mum’s Harmony hairspray!

    Do I win?

  2. Stella says:

    I must be knackered because I swear I read that you were an “affixed hetero” about a dozen times before I made sense of the text on the card.

    I’m thinking you stole some Elnett off your sister.

  3. antipodeesse says:

    Damn, I wanted to say Elnett too, ‘cos it’s the only brand I can think of. But now Stella will think I’m copying her….
    .-= antipodeesse´s last blog ..Here Comes Trouble =-.

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