Mexborough in the news (well, sort of!)

October 30, 2009

Here is the lovely Ben Shepard on GMTV this morning, bigging up my home town 🙂

Of course it is no surprise that he doesn’t know where Mexborough is, but its nice that he thinks it sounds great, if only he knew!

Overheard conversations #002

October 24, 2009

Old lady #1 to old lady #2, on the death of Stephen Gately.

“It is a shame you know, because he wasn’t a bad looking lad.”

Implying that its alright for ugly people to die young?

Overheard conversations #001

October 18, 2009

About a tradesman that has been recommended.

“If he’s as good as he says he is, he can’t be that bad.”

High praise!

DIY in the toilet (again!)

October 4, 2009

Haha, what a headline 🙂

I fitted a replacement float value to fix #wontstopflushing toilet DIY ftw!


Had to blog about it, it might just get me started doing this more often 🙂