@andy2boyz Tweets on 2010-08-15

  • only crap thing about new house is living on an actual building site, was awoken today at 830 by builders doing banging, it is Saturday FFS #
  • @msmac enjoy the Alps, I'm trying to forget that I offered to take Mum&Dad to Cleethorpes this afternoon for fish&chip lunch šŸ˜‰ in reply to msmac #
  • just defrosted the freezer #excitingweekend #
  • #ybf Paul flinched at video of girl landing fanny 1st on the beam, I said 'she won't feel it, no balls! but she may end up with a fat lip!' #
  • @lezzles you may have to say 'that Scottish series' just like saying 'the Scottish play' or it may get cancelled like ''Tinsel Town' in reply to lezzles #
  • @lezzles @craigmclovin @msmac and Tinsel Town still not available on DVD, why do I pay for the BBC?@? #
  • oh! McFly on tv, they have all lost 3 stone, gained an "edge" and become "rock" even Tom looks hot!! #
  • Inglorious carvedsfs #

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