@andy2boyz Tweets on 2010-12-19

  • can you believe that Facebook auto completes this subject in profile subjects? don't ask why I was checking! http://twitgoo.com/1ryjvs #
  • birthday money spent > Fallout: New Vegas, reduced to £19.99 in Gamestation, on next shelf was pre-owned copy for £24, which did I buy? #
  • @michtoller leave it open, it should have a 15degrees-ish open position #
  • @msmac if you can't get proper English tea, Twinings Breakfast is a surprisingly good substitute! #
  • my 40 year old skin is getting crepey, next its going to be like lettuce! RT @msmac: @Keris Yeah, only a bit. My cleavage is like an iceberg #
  • No, I'm feeling crepey & old 😦 RT @msmac: @andy2boyz @Keris What are you saying, Andy? That I'm looking crepey? *cries* Happy now? *sobs* #

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