About Andy

My name is Andy unless I’ve been naughty when it’s extended to Andrew. I live with my partner Paul, in Sheffield, England.

I have a Brother named Billy and a Sister named Amanda. They are twins, though interestingly, they are not identical.

I have nephews named Jacob, Joseph and Owen.

I love reading I do, give me a good horror, a spooky thriller, or a fantasy/sci-fi novel and I’m happy.

I’ve also been getting in to more contemporary fiction lately, The Time Travellers Wife, The Shipping News, We Need To Talk About Kevin, that sort of thing.

Andy’s Interests as seen on Myspace (why write it again!)

Computers, Music, Photography, Booze. The usual stuff really.

Anything and everything from trashy Pop to Country to Disco and back again via Rock.
But not Metal. Oh no, not the Metal.

I used to be big on films when you I was younger. I would stand in the Video rental store with my brother, pointing at box after box, “seen”, “seen”, “seen”, We’d seen ’em all. Ask me about any straight-to-video B movie pre 1992 and chances are I’ll be able to spout some guff about it. Nowadays, I’m lucky to watch 1 film a week. I Like Sci-Fi, Horror, Thrillers, Comedies, the usual stuff.

I dont watch a lot of TV. Well, actually I do, but its not stuff I would choose to watch.
Paul controls the TV in our house so I soak up a lot of Discovery channel and UKTV-Whatever, sort of like osmosis. If I do want to watch something its usually a documentary or some Sci-fi.

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