Big Fish

July 20, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day 20

Yesterday we took a trip to Cleethorpes for a big fish. The fish always seems sweeter and fresher here, Grimsby is just next door, so hopefully we are getting the best 🙂

Big Fish

We found this chip shop a few years ago and have used it ever since. It has a little cafe attached, only about 8 or 10 tables, and its always full of customers. If my Mother taught me anything, it’s to always look for the shop with the most customers. I hate to queue, but for fresh cooked food, I’ll happily wait.

We used to use the Seaways around the corner on the front, yes the fish are bigger but when you go in and see all the food piled up the heated cabinets, you have to wonder how long its been sitting there.

So my recomendation for a great sitdown fish and chip is Ernie Becketts on Market street. But be warned, You may have to wait for a table 🙂

Yay, we didn’t waste the weekend!

July 19, 2008

No, we didn’t waste another weekend, we went to the coast 🙂

It wasn’t planned, I first suggested this around 11am and after a short debate we made a plan. “Go and get in the bath”, I said. I’ll iron some stuff while you’re in there and then I’ll come and get a shave. Once you’re out of the bath, I’ll jump in the shower. slightly behind schedule we were ready and in the car.

The drive was good, Paul did it and he was well happy with the first long drive in the new car.

Cleethorpes 19th July 2008

We had a great time, it rained a bit when we arrived and we had to run to the cafe, after we ate it totally brightened up. We had a walk up and down the front and took a few photos on the pier.

Runner up photo, and yes I got told off by Paul for taking it but hey, I love the cheeky candid pictures, feel free to suggest a title 🙂

Cleethorpes Chair Idol

Dare I say it? Another holiday coming up!

March 20, 2007

After my rubbish day on Sunday, I found the antidote on Monday.

No Boudica, not fried food!

We booked a holiday, which is probably the next best thing 🙂

Its quite a relief really, we’ve left it much later than we normally do, we fly on Sunday so its pretty last minute.

What happened was, we decided to have a go at that last minute bargain thing that all the experts bang the drum for. We had already decided that we were not set on going to any particular place so whatever came up we would go. Over the last few weeks we have almost booked about a dozen holidays. Each time Paul found something, we’d stop to check the reviews, but go back in a 1/2 hour and it would be gone, so frustrating.

Also a few weeks ago, a couple of friends from work said they would like to go with us. Obviously that changes things a little bit, you cant just say yes and book it, you have to consider the other couple. Min, if you’re reading this, please dont take this the wrong way, it’ll be great to go away together, and you did say just book anything that looks good, it was me really, just worrying if you would like what we were booking for you. That’s my problem really, I want people to have a nice time. Especially if it’s somewhere I’ve been before and they have’nt, I feel like I’m expecting them to like what I did and acting like the organiser/tour guide, which is not role I enjoy.

So anyway, its all booked, 2 weeks in Lanzarote, staying in Costa Teguise. Neither of us have been there before so that’s nice, we can discover it together 🙂

Now, we just need to book those flights to Thailand for November and we’re all sorted……..

Holiday news

March 10, 2007

I’ll not bore you with the teeny details of the whole holiday. Most days we were mainly in the hotel enjoying the all-inclusive goodness 🙂

Monday was the exception because we met up with some friends. Pam and John are from Sheffield and they now live in Spain, running a beach-front cafe/restaurant in Benalmadena. In the Morning we walked down to see them at work and we all had a drink and some lunch. very nice it was too, all cooked fresh by the Chef, unlike others on the same stretch. It’s called Sharville’s, if you are ever in the area I’d recommend you give it a try 🙂

In the Evening, they came up to Torremolinos and we went out for a drink. Knowing John is a total karaoke fiend I suggested a bar across the road. It was empty, except for the staff, but advertised Karaoke, and there being 12 of us we practically filled the place ourselves!

I havent sung for ages, but after a bit of encouragement from John and Paul, I got up, then there was no stopping me! Since we had the place to ourselves Me, Trev, John and Lorrainne were able to sing as often as we liked!

Here is my “set”

Mustang Sally – Pauls favourite, he loves me doing this one.

I’m On My Way – With John – first time for both of us, went down well.

Handbags and Gladrags – first time for me, people seemed to like it!

TorremolinosMar2k7 125 Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

Red Light Spells Danger – Another first time for me, I sang it because its one of Pauls top fave songs and people enjoyed it!

Sweet Caroline – with Trev, an old fave.

Achy Breaky Heart – Aargghh, I know! first time for me, in fact I was tricked by John to get up and sing something else, I think My Way, then they played this, it wasnt that bad actually!

The end.

Of course, I didnt do them all at once like that, the others had a go in between.

I must have been feeling very brave doing all those songs for the first time, I havent even done them at home on my own. Must have helped that the audience was mostly friends and family.

So Monday was a really good day, Pam and John seemed to enjoy it. Now they live there I dont think they get out much! Its not like a holiday is it, when you have to actually get up and go to work 😦

Overall, we had a lovely break, the weather was great, like 23-24 degrees some days and we had good company. Makes all the difference, doesnt it?

On an ‘oliday!

March 4, 2007


I cant take your call at the moment, please leave a message after the beep and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, cheers

……… beeeeep!

Our Day Out

February 3, 2007

Our Day Out is the name of a musical play I went to see around 1984, so I would have about 14 years old. Me and my mate Chris went to see it at the Crucible in Sheffield.

I mentioned Chris in a previous post. Something I didnt mention then was how I had something between hero worship and a crush on him. So, it was quite a big deal, going to the “Theatre” getting on the train and going to the Big City and all. Not like a date of course, dont get the wrong idea, nothing like that happened until some time later*.

I remember the feeling of freedom, independence and grown-upness at being out on the town without parents. Of course, all these years later I could’nt remember much about the play at all. Of course with Google’s help I do now 🙂 apparently its a Willy Russell play.

Looking at the storyline it’s not surprising I identified with it. The kids are from a school similar to mine, the local industries and situations differ but the story is the same. For me this is 1984 and the Miners are on strike and in Mexborough either your Dad, Uncle or at least your best friends Dad was a Miner*. Things were bleak, even as a young teen I knew this, luckily Mum and Bob were working so we didnt have it too bad and they helped Dad so we didnt starve when we went to him at weekends 🙂

So, the “Day Out” in the musical turning into a self discovery thing and even a break from real life for the kids, thats got to connect with most school kids hasnt it?

As it turns out, it is still the only time I’ve ever been to see anything at the Crucible, even though I’ve now lived in Sheffield for 8 years.

*Reading back over this post I’m concious that it touches on some personal moments and I’m wondering about the reason for writing it. I know that people I know in real life read this and I’m not uncomfortable with that. I think that writing this is more about catharsis than making any particular point.

The moral of this story is that there is no point to this story 😉

Keep ‘Em Peeled.

February 1, 2007

Here is another fun little segment of life from our recent stay in the Flamingo Hotel, Torremolinos. Now, most people try very hard to avoid the dreaded look of Orange peel skin.

This gentleman, however, has embraced the peel and has found a free and eco-friendly, method of protecting his eyelids from the harsh Spanish sun. How excellent.

Pretty clever indeed, but its all spoiled for me, do you see, he is wearing socks! Sunbathing in socks! You might guess that he’s German, but no, a Brit! Oh, the shame 😉

TorremolinosJan2k7 064
Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.


January 27, 2007

Andy Passport photo 1997
Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

I have to get a new passport this month. How can I ever hope improve on this lovely picture? (Unless I was in prison!)

The worst thing is that you are stuck witha Passort photo for 10 whole years.

I’m going to a photo-booth this morning.

Wish me luck?

Later ……….

I had it done this morning, and not great photos but I’ve posted it and thats that!

The pics are actually pretty rubbish, not sure if the booth was working properly? You cant even make out my eye colour properly.

Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

My advice? Dont use the photo booth in Morrisons off the Sheffield Parkway 🙂

Convention pt2

January 24, 2007

What a journey!

We set off on time at 5am, the driver announced that to get to Olympia on time we wouldn’t be stopping along the way, what with the coach having toilets and tea and coffee facilities available.

Safe in this knowledge, I went straight to sleep.

Things started to go wrong when we approached Northampton Services and I’m woken by the driver announcing we will stop after all. As we were making such good time, we could afford a 1/2 hour coffee and loo stop. I’ve been here before and know that the traffic may be flowing freely so far but the closer to London the worse its gonna get. Add to this that its been snowing on the journey and its settling, that’s sure to start upsetting the flow pretty soon.

Sure enough, as soon as we set off we start to hit traffic and shortly afterward we’re crawling along. Cue lots of texts and calls to senior management informing them of the delays.

I’ll spare you the more boring details, we arrived around 10:30, an hour and a half later than planned and half an hour after the convention was due to start. Others had been delayed so the start had been put back accordingly.

I’ll also spare you the messages that we were exposed to during the convention. The end of the event was around 14:30 and after each grabbing the provided packed lunch, we were back on the bus quickly, with everyone keen to get home.

The traffic on the way back was probably worse than in the morning. More snow coupled with the darkness drawing in made conditions worse and we crawled past several crashes and cars stuck in the overtaking lane after sliding into the central barrier.

We eventually got back to Sheffield around 18:30, 13.5hours after setting off. The only thing that kept me sane was Sharon sitting behind us and keeping us laughing.
Sharon On The Bus Hopefully you can play this file, it opens in Quicktime for me.
Thanks Sharon 🙂 I know you’re gonna kill me for this but I could’nt resist.


January 23, 2007

Oh, what fun, we are off to the big smoke tomorrow for a convention. Sounds good, doesnt it?

Except, registration is at 9am and the convention at 10am. About 2500 Managers from around the company are going and the 40 or so from the different depts in Sheffield are all on a coach leaving at 5am.

Uhhhhgg, that means getting up at 4am, an hour usually only glimpsed before climbing aboard a flight to sunnier climes. Oh well, I should get some sleep on the coach. I’m pretty lucky like that, I can sleep pretty much anyware, I’ve been known to fall asleep in the car during the 10 drive home from work!

The venue is Olympia which I’ve not been to before so that will be interesting. There are some panoramic views on the website and it looks like a fab building.

The event is actually set to last only 3 hours and then its back on the road home again 🙂 and more sleep for me.

By my reckoning, thats 3 hours “work” and lots of sleeping, not bad for a days pay!