Global Warming or Cyclical Weather Variation?

February 1, 2007

My money is on the cyclical thingy, I mean what do we really know? We’ve not even been around that long, have we? Apparently we’re just coming out of an Ice Age anyway 😉

What I do know, is that it’s the 1st of February and driving home from work this afternoon, the car display said 17 degrees celcius.

Put in in your diaries, 1st Feb 2007, first day of the year with the roof down on the car!

Global warming? bring it on!

Testing Times

January 9, 2007

I took the car for the MOT yesterday. No problems, it sailed through, as I expected. Paul wasn’t so confident but he has said that every year, I think he expects it to fail so when it passes it’s a bonus.

Anyway, I pulled up at the garage and after taking the car key off my keyring, I used it to lock the glovebox. Obviously I wanted to secure all my precious CD’s. I went inside and handed over the key and was told to return in 45 mins. It was only as I was walking down the road that I realised that DOH! with the key they could open the glovebox 🙄 so why had I locked it?