August 22, 2007

No, not that one!
Though, I have been following the celebrations and have enjoyed learing more of the history behind Partition and the mess that Britain made of it. If you get a chance to catch “The Last Raj” that was shown on Channel 4 recently, I’d recommend it.

Anyway, I’m about to delete and resize some hard drive partitions on the computer.

I could be some time. Fingers crossed!

Playing around on Bebo

June 20, 2007

Playing around on this Interweb Bebo thingy
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To be fair to Paul, he didnt know the webcam was recording. But then that’s always the best way I find 🙂


May 12, 2007

A moments silence plese……

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the un-timely passing of 6GAYB17622.

6GAYB17622 was a Toshiba Samsung H552 DVDWriter and was taken from us after just less than 1 year of excellent service.

He burnt countless CD’s and DVD’s for us and rarely gave a complaint.

Let us say thanks for the good times and hope that he “burns” in hardware heaven.

He is survived by his cousin the LG GSA-4167B with newly updated DL13 firmware.

The King is dead, long live the King!!

While You Were Out

February 7, 2007

Someone took your mousemat

theft Originally uploaded by Andy2Boyz.

They bloomin’ did as well! … but they left a clue!

I’ve drawn up a list of suspects and will be conducting desk-to-desk handwriting analysis tomorrow.

What a Kerfuffle

January 6, 2007

Just like the Little Britain character Andy, here is a guy that uses a wheelchair for his own reasons.

In his Gaydar profile, he tell us this about himself – “Although I am not disabled, I like to sit in a wheelchair, not every day, but sometimes when I want to. I like to go out in a wheelchair and love to be tighten in it. I also like to be forced to sit in it, sometimes diapered, and being completed fastened.”

He is looking for – “I am looking for other guys to play, maybe going out in the wheelchair (do you like to sit in it?) and maybe play games.”

You probably can already tell that he is another of those crazy Dutchers. God they love it, dont they!!

Less of “I want that one” and more of “I don’t like it!”

See wheelchairboy for yourself. (link is to Gaydar and while I didnt see anything explicit, you should decide if this is safe to click on if youre at work!)

Almost famous

January 1, 2007

I think this is quite fun! I just found one of my Flickr pictures on the net at

Of course I’m a total amateur and not likely to use any of my photos for monetary gain, so I dont really worry about copyrights and all that stuff.

However, I can understand why un-attributed use would upset some people, interestingly the web page above is dated Sept 7th 2006 at which time this image was marked as “all rights reserved”, it wasnt until 27th Dec 2006 that all my images on Flickr were changed to “attribution non commercial.”

Well, anyways I’m just happy someone found the picture useful 😉

STOP PRESS – I just found another at
(scroll right to the bottom)