Easter Mission

April 10, 2009

Today, we went to Mexborough, my old home town. Which, although I wasnt stepping down from a train, did look just the same.

We were on a mission from the Easter bunny, delivering eggs in advance of the upcoming Sunday “thing”

I presented Nephew Joe with a beautiful Creme Egg and bless him, he smiled sweetly for a moment, then informed me he doesnt like Creme Eggs. Ever the resourceful Uncle, quick as a flash I delved into my bag and produced a Smarties egg originally destined for Nephew Owen.

Sadly, this egg cut no ice. Nephew Joe is 5 years old and a proper little man with a developed personality, he didnt hesitate to explain that he doesnt like Smarties.

“What do you like?”, I asked.

He replied, “chocolate, just chocolate”

“So what’s wrong with Smarties?”

“They’re to crispy”

“and Creme eggs?”

“Too sweet!”

“So what chocolate do you like?”

“Just chocolate.”

Luckily, my Mum had some mini dairy milk bars that I could substitute for the Creme Eggs.

So there you have it, a 5 year old that wont eat or drink anything sweeter than water or solid chocolate, who heard of such a thing?

But do you know, he is my Nephew and I love him!


Tea break.

November 14, 2008

We are off to Malaysia for a couple of weeks, help yourselves to tea whilst we’re gone 🙂

Teabags 005

PS. Sorry there are no biscuits!

Barszcz Biaty

July 24, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day 24

I picked up a few of these packet soups from ASDA’s world foods section. I think I mentioned before how I like to try the stuff that is being offered to our EU migrant population. In this case they are Polish soups, stll made by Knorr, which is a familiar name at least.

The handy little sticker on the back gives a translation of the ingredients into English. This is probably a basic legal requirement of being sold here. A translation of the name and soup description would also have been nice, but I suppose its really aimed at those that can read Polish.

What I can make out from the ingredients and a bit of Wikipedia is that it is White Beetroot soup with Garlic. Here I am, following the Polish cooking instructions, rather helpfully these included a picture of a jug saying 750ml and a simmering pan next to a clock with 5 minutes marked on it 🙂

BarszczBiaty 004

The soup was interesting, very fresh and zingy, not overly garlicky. It was full of flavour but, had I not know what it was, I would have been hard pressed to identify white Beetroot. Oh yes, and at 180 calories for the whole lot, it was certainly filling yet easy on the waistline!

I’m now definitley looking forward to trying the other varieties I bought 🙂

Bonus picture time.

Here is me at work on late shift, enjoying my soup with a couple of slices of home baked bread and The Sims 2: Castaway on DS 🙂

BarszczBiaty 007

“Na zdrowie”

Team Andy’s Curry Club

July 18, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day18

Last night we ate out, for it was Thursday, which means Curry Club!

I’ve been promising to go to Curry Club with members of my team and had to keep putting it off, either they or I was on late shift etc….. It all came together yesterday and we managed to get 5 of us in the same place at the same time 🙂 (The 2 no-shows barely deserve mention.)

Team Andy's Curry Club

You’ll have to excuse the picture quality, I realised this morning that I left the camera on “close up” for all of them. So only the actual close up of the food is of a reasonable clarity.

The 2 NRI’s proclaimed the curry to be of a passing standard. The mango chutney however, caused wrinkled noses and was discarded after the first tasting.

Top left, food. Top right, Satya between Luke and Lisa, the mosiac maker was pretty cruel in cropping them out of the frame. Bottom left, Paul and a blurry Nick. Bottom right, Luke and Satya admiring Luke’s wonderful photos that are no doubt much better than these, if only for being in focus!

Working lunch

July 9, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day9

Today, I thought I’d share with you my working lunch arrangements.

Until a few months ago we couldnt eat hot food on our “shop floor.” Now this rule hase been relaxed and the place often stinks of McDonalds burgers and fries. Not the most pleasant smell but some people seem to like it.

In true “cant beat ’em join ’em” style I’ve also taken to having my own hot food. This is usually soup in a flask, though sometimes I’ll take a leftover portion of a pie or other dinner and bung it in the microwave.

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day9

In the photo above, lunch is a tin of Heinz Lentil soup, to which I’ve added a flaked fillet of flaked Mackerel.

Paul takes a bowl to put his soup into, I prefer to use a cup and drink it rather than spoon it in. Apart from it staying hotter longer and being quicker to consume, there is also less chance of working the rest of the day with splashes on the front of my shirt!


July 6, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day6

Whenever we visit this Chinese buffet restaurant, I try to take the name literally, its called Jumbo and thats just what my portions are 🙂

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day6

There is too much on there to name it all, I cant even remember what most of it was!

What I can remember is that, plentiful chinese food + a cold lager = delicious.


Curry club

July 4, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day4

On Thursday we ummmed and arrrred about going out for dinner, but eventually I wore him down 🙂

So, where to go on a Thursday evening? Of course, it has to be Curry Club 🙂

If you’ve been here before you’ll have already seen the Royal Tali that I have already enjoyed at Curry Club. I’m not one to stick to the same thing every time, in fact given enough visits I like to try everything on a menu. The last time we went I orderd the Malaysian Beef Rendang and was totally disappointed to find that it wasnt available that evening.

On this visit I thought to try again, so when I got to the bar, I ordered Paul’s food first then paused! I trepidated a little and then I said, nay burted, “Malaysian Beef Rendang please.”

The barman looked at me then looked at his touch screen thingey and said “ok, what drink would you like with that?”

My brain was processing slowly, had he said ok? As in, we have this available tonight? He did, didn’t he? He’s cute isnt he, not like the tall one! What’s he saying, something about not having a pen to sign the card transaction slip? He keeps apologising, how cute. He’s offering me a big fat marker pen, would I try signing with this? Did he brush my hand a little too long as he proffered the big fat marker pen in a fist? Ahem, sorry, I got distracted (did I get a photo of him?)

Back to business, the food arrived shortly after, sorry the photo is a bit rubbish, I was half way down my third pint :-:

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day4

The sauce was excellent, the beef a little overcooked but overall an excellent value for money meal. You wont find a meal like this for £5.59 in many places, espacially when you remember that it comes with a pint .

My pint would have cost £2.29 so the meal was only £3.30! It makes me think that its not worth lighting the oven at home 🙂

For your further pleasure I present the Pub in question ……


The former Sheffield Water Works company.

Gout bout.

June 16, 2008

Last Tuesday our new car was delivered and I drove it around a bit in evening. When I went to Asda, I noticed I was feeling a bit of tightness in my ankle

I woke up Wednesday and my ankle was starting to feel quite stiff. The day went on and I realised it was swelling just like it did when we returned from Cyprus. I went to bed and by that time was in some pain.

On Thursday I was tired all day, I hadnt slept well due to the pain, and I really had to hobble around all day. Paul was doing my head in, wanting me to see the Doctor. I narrowly escaped this because I was able to say that the pain was easing off by the evening.

On Friday, it was deffo better, I woke up with no pain, still stiff but it didnt wake me in the night. Sunday came around and it was pretty much ok again.

As I write, on Monday evening, a week after it started again, I’m happy to report I’m ok again.

I’m now thinking that I may have been mis-diagnosed last time, given the heavy weekend that preceded this episode, I’m wondering if it was actually a bit of gout? After all, last time it started was on the final day of an all inclusive holiday. Maybe the insect bite was a red herring?

Of course, I’m not going for tests to confirm it, if I did then it would be real, if I just manage it myself I dont have to worry about it.

All of this really just helps me to remember that I’m starting to feel old!

Piss up in a brewery.

March 2, 2008

We went on a tour of a local brewery on Saturday night.

I can confirm that it was well organised and a very enjoyable evening was had by all.

That is all.

Teabag vignette

February 22, 2008

Teabags Vignette

Look at this bounty!

I arrived in work a few days ago and found this little lot on my desk.

What a good friend I have, she had been given a fancy bag load of teabags at the freshers fair and hadnt been interested in them.

I’ll mention no names, she knows who she is and I’ve already thanked her profusely.

All I will say is “Jade, why did you wait so long to bring them into work for me?”