House of the dead

July 31, 2009
nephew Joe and uncle Paul play house of the dead on

They were both quite good, tho’ I had to take over for the boss fight (dont tell them I told!)

Easter Mission

April 10, 2009

Today, we went to Mexborough, my old home town. Which, although I wasnt stepping down from a train, did look just the same.

We were on a mission from the Easter bunny, delivering eggs in advance of the upcoming Sunday “thing”

I presented Nephew Joe with a beautiful Creme Egg and bless him, he smiled sweetly for a moment, then informed me he doesnt like Creme Eggs. Ever the resourceful Uncle, quick as a flash I delved into my bag and produced a Smarties egg originally destined for Nephew Owen.

Sadly, this egg cut no ice. Nephew Joe is 5 years old and a proper little man with a developed personality, he didnt hesitate to explain that he doesnt like Smarties.

“What do you like?”, I asked.

He replied, “chocolate, just chocolate”

“So what’s wrong with Smarties?”

“They’re to crispy”

“and Creme eggs?”

“Too sweet!”

“So what chocolate do you like?”

“Just chocolate.”

Luckily, my Mum had some mini dairy milk bars that I could substitute for the Creme Eggs.

So there you have it, a 5 year old that wont eat or drink anything sweeter than water or solid chocolate, who heard of such a thing?

But do you know, he is my Nephew and I love him!


Christmas Traditions Old and New

December 27, 2008

Christmas flew by in a blur didnt it? All that preparation and then in a flurry of visiting, eating, drinking and gifting, its all over.

Something I noticed this year was a distinct lack of Turkey. We ourselves had Beef and I’ve heard so many people talking about going back to traditional Geese and even 3 Bird Roasts 🙂

We’ve got a little tradition of our own starting up. Over the last few years myself and Paul are getting progressively later when it comes to opening our gifts to each another. The last few years its been late on Christmas day, this year it was late on Boxing day. When it comes to the things I’ve bought Paul and he has bought me, we like to do it in private. Settle down at the back, it’s not like that, no rude pressies! We like to buy each other a few stocking fillers to open, silly bits of stuff that we might not otherwise stock up on. A lot of it is foodie bits that I like and he doesn’t and vice versa. I scored some Olives, Corn Chips, a Nasi Goreng meal kit and a Chilli n Garlic Mill to name just a few. He got some tinned Braised Eel (will he try it?), Toffee Popcorn, Turkish delight (2 kinds) and Chinese Egg Cake (really!) among his gifts.

Of course, we had opened our gifts from other people at the same time they opened theirs. This year it was especially nice that Nephew Jacob, being only weeks away from his 10th birthday, took time to look at and enjoy his gifts. Nephew Joe, being only weeks away from his 5th birthday, continued his tradition of tearing the wrapping off and only glancing briefly before reaching for the next thing to unwrap!

After Christmas lunch, several members of the family took time out to practice another traditional Christmas activity 🙂

Christmas 2008
Christmas 2008

Sleeping those sprouts off!!

See You See Me

October 18, 2008

News just in…… I didnt always look like me…there was a time when I looked like him. Yes, him there on the left!


So, this is circa 1979 and left to right its me, my sister Amanda and brother Billy. Eeek, school photo day, so obviously Mum sent me and Bill to school in matching jumpers! You almost cant see but the thing hanging around Mandy’s neck is a pocket-purse thing, they were all the rage!

The major mystery is, how did we get the shirt collars to do that??

Its quite a picture isnt it? One of the few photos where I can almost see that Amanda and Bill are twins, something about the face shape I think.

I’ll leave you with this, I’m off on holiday for a week 🙂

Happy Birthday to Dad

September 8, 2008

It is my Dads birthday tomorrow, he wont be reading this but I’ll say it anyway, “Happy Birthday Dad!”

We couldnt make it to his birthday lunch with the rest of the family on Sunday, so I suggested taking him out for lunch on Saturday. We picked them up and headed to the Wetherby Whaler in Wakefield. Here’s Mum and Dad as we chatted while waiting for our food.


Hurrah, my “Giant” Haddock arrived. I can confirm that it was wonderfully cooked, the chips were like Gran used to fry and the mushy peas perfectly mushed 🙂


On the way home we stopped off at New Miller Dam and enjoyed a treat from the ice cream van. The boy in the ice cream van had 2 hearing aids, he was very good though.


A couple handing out religious postcards were quickly rebuffed by me. Unfortunately, Mum opened things up again, “is it religious? I’ll take one, I am a confirmed Christian.” I then had to spend the next 5 minutes explaining how this version of religion is just a little bit kooky.

We then went for a walk in the woods along the waters edge. An Andrex puppy being walked by a couple caused quite a stir, I put my foot down, no dogs allowed in my house!

We made it back to the car with seconds to spare on the parking meter and completed the journey back to Mexborough, dropping off the parents, finally driving back to Sheffield and liberating a couple of Lagers from the fridge.

A succesful day and mission accomplished 🙂

The End.

The 19th hole

August 29, 2008

Yeah, that’s right, the 19th as in golf. What’s that you gasp, “a sports related post on this here blog!”

Now, get your breath back, if you ask me golf was once accurately described as “a good walk, spoiled.” However, I understand that amongst sporty types, the golf is quite popular. So I say, “ok golf could be fun, but do I have to walk?” The answer of course being, yes.”

Now thanks to technoligical-thingummy-ness, the answer is no! Paul’s brother, Russell, is one of the partnership behind Green, Sheffield first golf simulator and bar type place. It is quite literally, the 18th and 19th hole in one!


Green is like no other bar in Sheffield. Where else can you relax with your friends in the heart of the city centre and at the same time play 18 holes on some of the world’s most famous golf courses?

Amazing, eh!

Anyway, tonight is the launch party and I’m on the guest list baby! That’s the guest list, BABY!

I better go start getting dolled up, the Paps are sure to be there, I need to look my best 🙂


One potato, two potato, three potato, four…..

July 15, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day15

I went over to Mexborough on Sunday and Shaun was kind enough to let me have some of these little beauties, fresh from his allotment. Actually, there were more, but we scoffed them already 🙂

Charlotte 002

The variety is Charlotte and let me tell you they are excellent, great colour, wonderful texture and most importantly they taste divine. I cant wait until my Potatoes begin to crop and I can return the favour!

Turkey and Mushroom Pie

July 14, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day14

Sunday lunch yesterday was a Turkey and Mushroom Pie made by Paul. It was very nice, and so I ate too much and gave myself heartburn. It’s the pastry that does it, I cant eat any shop bought pastry, but I can never resist the stuff that Paul makes. He does try to make it a bit lighter for me, but what can you do really? Its just fat and flour in some ratio and so I’m bound to suffer later. I took a Ranitadine, but it seems, too late to stop me feeling the pain, thankfully it didnt last too long before the tablet kicked in.

TurkeyPie 004

We ate it with cauliflower, cabbage and gravy. The cabbage was especially tasty because Shaun, the brother in law, gave it me from his allotment 🙂

All wrapped up.

April 10, 2008

I saw a trailer on TV tonight, a Cutting Edge show called Cotton Wool Kids, something about killing kids with kindness or something.

It got me thinking about how things how things have changed over the years. A colleague recently told me a tale of her daughter having a bit of a strop after a bit of wet water was spilt on her jeans. When I was a kid, somewhere around the 80’s, if it rained in the morning I still had to walk to school. I’d then most likely have wet trousers and blazer and just have to put up with it until I dried out.

A day or two afterwards, I was talking to another colleague and in the course, we landed on the topic of his childhood. He arrived from Africa into the UK aged 4, and over several years his family came back together, each taking their own journey to freedom and (some) normality. The most disturbing thing is that he remembers saying to his mum, “If its a war going on, why are people sleeping in the road?”

I’m sure you can guess why he thought they were sleeping.

In conclusion, watching stupid programmes made by idiots about how difficult things are in the UK, just makes me angry.

Quick and tasty breakfast

March 24, 2008

Gotta run this morning, after I drop Paul off at work, I’m visiting my nephews to give them their easter eggs. I’m also taking them my recently replaced 19″ LCD monitor, for once I think I’ll have something that eclipses the chocolate!

So quick breakfast required, hmmm what do I fancy? that houmous needs eating, use by yesterday but I’m sure its good, 1 left over chapati from Saturday night. I heated the chapati in a dry frying pan until hot and crispy, tore it into pieces and spread houmous on it. Quick, simple and delicous.

Chapati Houmous

I always could make something out of nothing 🙂

Enjoy your Bank Holiday!