House of the dead

July 31, 2009
nephew Joe and uncle Paul play house of the dead on

They were both quite good, tho’ I had to take over for the boss fight (dont tell them I told!)

Will you be my friend, Nutmeg?

February 3, 2008

Where have I been? Not here blogging thats for sure, I do hope you can forgive me, dearest Reader. So, I almost hear you ask, what has been keeping me away from you? I’ve been pretty busy, making new friends, catching fish, harvesting coconuts and I’ve developed a successful business trading in Turnips.

In case that doesnt mean anything to you I’ll explain. I’ve become a little obsessed with a game called Animal Crossing Wild World. I bought Paul a Nintendo DS for Christmas and to begin with we were happy with the Brain Training and Deal Or No Deal that came with it. We did Brain traing every day on holiday in Goa, sometimes on the beach 🙂

I had also ordered a M3DS Real and a 8gig micro SD card to hold the games. Basically, this little beauty lets you download and run games on the DS for free. There are lots of “Homebrew” games out there, people writing games themselves and releasing them for free. There are also places where you can download copies of official DS games and they’ll play just like real cartridges. The former is legal(ish) and the latter, well I’ll let you make your own mind up.

So like 2 years after everyone else, I’m totally absorbed in the world of Animal Crossing. I recently made a million selling turnips and I’m hokked, I find that I have to play at least twice a day!

If you want to come and see me, in the town of Sheffeld, my friend code is 2062-8243-4779.

What’s yours?