Holidays are coming :-)

November 17, 2009


DIY in the toilet (again!)

October 4, 2009

Haha, what a headline 🙂

I fitted a replacement float value to fix #wontstopflushing toilet DIY ftw!


Had to blog about it, it might just get me started doing this more often 🙂

Urban Forager

August 14, 2009

I like to get out of the office at lunchtime and if its fine weather I’ll often go for a walk by the river. I’m quite fortunate to work very close to some easy to walk sections of the Five Weirs Walk. In an hour, I can do a nice round trip along the river from Brightside Weir, following the water around the back of the Meadowhall centre, then switch to the canal towpath following the Tinsley flight of locks back to the office. This week the weather has been excellent so I made the round trip on both Tuesday and Wednesday, rolling up your shirt sleeves and feeling the sun on your skin is a tonic after a busy morning in the office. The urge to exercise has also been strong this week, I’m sure in a big way influenced by the brother-in-laws recent health problem.

I’ve, of course, noticed the various plants and trees along the route and was quite disappointed to see that all the figs have been stripped from a couple of trees. I suppose the Meadowhall gardeners have done this to avoid the mess of dropped fruit on the property, it seems a shame though. What they can’t control are the Blackberry bushes along the river and towpaths, there are loads of them and they’re coming into season for picking. On Wednesday I saw a man picking the fruit and thought I would like some of that too!

Urban Forager

Here’s a picture of me (my hand actually) on Thursday after I’d spent half an hour gathering fruit. I got a few funny looks from a couple of passers-by but heck what do I care! A nice thing happened too, a couple out for a walk with their 2 young grand-daughters stopped to chat, I mean how often does that happen nowadays? We talked about the fruit, the weather and I gave them directions to get onto the next section of the walk as some of the signs aren’t great.

So there you go, free fruit and a nice warm feeling inside, not a bad way to spend a lunch break, why don’t you get out of the office and see what you can find?

House of the dead

July 31, 2009
nephew Joe and uncle Paul play house of the dead on

They were both quite good, tho’ I had to take over for the boss fight (dont tell them I told!)


July 6, 2009
rain on

In which I come clean about being a skinflint, but no more!

June 30, 2009

On Sunday afternoon, halfway through ironing work shirts for Monday, the iron started playing up. The steam stopped coming and instead water started dribbling everywhere. “No problem”, I thought, we’re heading to the airport to pick up the brother and sister in law, we’ll set off early and pick up another at Asda. Doh! Paul reminded me it was Sunday and the 24 hour Asda didn’t live up to the name on the sabbath.

The comment about popping into Asda and buying another one appears quite flippant and really doesnt do justice to my shopping history. I suppose this is the bit where I come clean about how I’ve been such a skinflint with irons over the last few years. We bought a new iron when we moved into the new house and I have to admit I bought a cheap Asda model for less than a tenner. It broke down after two years and I thought to act daft about how old it was, pretend I’d lost the receipt and chance my arm and take it back for a replacement. They didnt sell the same model any longer, no surprise after that time, and even the barcode had been reassigned to a television. After some discussion the nice lady agreed to replace the iron and found what she thought was the discontinued iron product code. I happily agreed that it sounded like the fifteen pounds I paid (hehe) and I left the store with a new Morphy Richards worth twenty quid.

Score so far, two years ironing for £10 and an upgraded iron.

The story doesnt end there, two years later the new iron stopped working, the steam burst button wouldnt press down so I took it back. So in March 2006 they swapped it for a slightly updated version of the same model. At no cost!

Score so far, four years ironing, total cost £15 and in fact this brings us right up to date and the third iron giving up the ghost. So in fact that make the score seven years ironing for £15. How good is that!

Except, after all that I’ve never been that happy with any of those irons. I’m the chief ironer in the house, which is more about my control freakery than anything else, and I just never loved those irons.

I was thinking about this on Monday while looking for a new iron to “pop” out and buy and decided that no longer would I scrimp! I wanted to have an iron that can simply DO the job.

In my search I found this iron and knew I had fulfilled my quest!.


Gaze upon this iron and tell me that it is not a thing of beauty. It is also, if there ever was such a thing, a Mans iron! Look at the colours, it’s like an 1980’s teenage boys duvet cover in black, silver and white. Actually my duvet also had a stripe of red but y’know its almost 🙂

The next day I got to try out the new iron and OMG I ironed two shirts in half the normal time. I’m not kidding when I say it is amazing, upon unpacking I was slightly upset to find the steam burst button on the wrong side for my thumb. After ironing two shirts I noticed that I hadnt even had to press the steam button once and results were amazing. Compare this to old irons that needed steam button pressing constantly with poor results.

The morale of the story is here.

I spent quite a lot more than I normally would and was rewarded.

Go figure!

PS. Its an £80 iron but was on sale at Argos for £40 so yay! still saved some cash 🙂

Guilty pleasures ;-)

June 17, 2009

Look at that! I’m home alone for one night only and I revert to this sort of thing!

Chicken curry pie

750 calories of pure Sin. But so worth it!

In an effort to balance this, I also roasted Aubergine, Pepper and Onion and made a tasty, healthy soup to have for the next 2 days lunches 🙂

Crappy Christmas Gifts #001

November 2, 2008

Grandad, ” Oh, look Mummy, one of those wee-wee things!”

Grandma, “It is, isn’t it? Oh, yes the wireless controllers, I remember something about that.”

Grandad, “…and it’s only £29.99 reduced from £49.99, I thought they were much more expensive than that last Christmas.”

Grandma, “Lets get 2, we can keep one at our house for when ‘lil Jonny comes to visit and one for his Christmas present.”


There’s gonna be tears all over this Christmas. I can’t believe they get away with selling this crap!

Sex on a slide(r)

September 9, 2008

Fwoooar! av a look at that! That my dear friends is the new Nokia N96, 16Gb memory, 5meg camera, built in GPS, DVB television, video, music, wireless lan internet access and loads more.


……. excuse me, I think I just did a little bit of cum 😉

Happy Birthday to Dad

September 8, 2008

It is my Dads birthday tomorrow, he wont be reading this but I’ll say it anyway, “Happy Birthday Dad!”

We couldnt make it to his birthday lunch with the rest of the family on Sunday, so I suggested taking him out for lunch on Saturday. We picked them up and headed to the Wetherby Whaler in Wakefield. Here’s Mum and Dad as we chatted while waiting for our food.


Hurrah, my “Giant” Haddock arrived. I can confirm that it was wonderfully cooked, the chips were like Gran used to fry and the mushy peas perfectly mushed 🙂


On the way home we stopped off at New Miller Dam and enjoyed a treat from the ice cream van. The boy in the ice cream van had 2 hearing aids, he was very good though.


A couple handing out religious postcards were quickly rebuffed by me. Unfortunately, Mum opened things up again, “is it religious? I’ll take one, I am a confirmed Christian.” I then had to spend the next 5 minutes explaining how this version of religion is just a little bit kooky.

We then went for a walk in the woods along the waters edge. An Andrex puppy being walked by a couple caused quite a stir, I put my foot down, no dogs allowed in my house!

We made it back to the car with seconds to spare on the parking meter and completed the journey back to Mexborough, dropping off the parents, finally driving back to Sheffield and liberating a couple of Lagers from the fridge.

A succesful day and mission accomplished 🙂

The End.