How Do I Know That Song?

June 10, 2008

First of all you probably need to see here for background info. In a nutshell the lovely Ms.Mac was telling us how the kids think they invented music and their fave hits cant possibly be cover versions of song we knew and loved back in the day. I whole-heartedley agreed that, yes the kids are alright, but they dont know music like we did 😉

Imagine my embarrasment listening to radio recently and hearing Mona, which I thought was a lively ditty by Craig McLachlan of Check 1-2 AKA Henry Ramsay off Neighbours.

In fact it was first released in 1957, and I quote…

Hey Bo Diddley is Bo Diddley’s 7th single. The B-side “Mona” was covered by The Rolling Stones.

I was left in a right state I can tell you, Craig doesnt even get a mention on the original song page, just something about some “Rolling Stones.”

I’m not even going to begin to explain how I felt a few days later on hearing the first few seconds of the Stevie Wonder tune, Pastime Paradise He has like totally ripped off Coolio!

Another up tempo fiasco

July 10, 2007

So, according to Reuters, Live Earth draws lackluster TV ratings

……..BBC One coverage of the Live Earth climax at London’s Wembley Stadium, leading up to Madonna’s eagerly awaited finale, averaged 3.1 million viewers, compared with 11.4 million for the Diana tribute

Frankly I’m surprised they even got 3 million viewers. I mean, who really wants to watch another benefit/awareness gig? Even if I had been desperate to see the artists perform, the “message” just turns me off.

I cant be the only person that is fed up of over-paid ageing millionaires telling me I should be doing this or that for the sake of the planet. Stop wasting money putting on concerts that few people want to see and just donate some of your millions already!

And dont get me started on the BBC’s Saving Planet Earth, a whole week of celebs trying various heart-string-tugging techniques to part us from our cash. If the BBC put the money they spent making the programmes into donations to the campaign, it would be money well spent in my view. Though I dont know what business they have taking my licence fee and using it to make programmes telling me to donate more money to their chosen causes.

Dont get me wrong, I do care about stuff, I have DD’s set up to my chosen charities and I do my bit around the house, saving water, composting, low energy bulbs, that sor of thing.

I’m just sick of sick of the lot of ’em, telling me I need to do more!

You can be my Hero baby

June 6, 2007

No, not those Heroes, I’m over them now……

You’ve probably already seen this all over the interweb, but I liked it so much I wanted to share it too.

On June 2 in G-A-Y in London, Enrique Iglesias performed the track Hero. Normally he invites a girl up on stage to serenade her, but given this was G-A-Y, the crowd went wild as Iglesias asked a young man on stage and gave him the full works!

How nice! I think I like Enrique a bit more now.

Oh, wait, he got rid of the mole didnt he?

Ok then, I like him!

Westlife Widower.

March 13, 2007

Yes folks, its that time of year again. Westlife are in town and I’m home alone 🙂

Paul goes to see them every year, usually with Kevin and lately with Jennifer and Valerie.

So I’ve had my Dinner, opened a bottle of wine and am currently watching the final ever episode of Stargate SG1.

Dont feel too sorry for me 😉