It’s Monday, it must be leftovers

July 29, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day 29

Monday’s lunch was was an early one, we were on late shift again so needing to eat before going to work. Paul made big fat chips (you may call them wedges) by frying up the leftover potatoes from Sunday dinner.

Chicken&Chips 004

Add these to some re-heated chicken and gravy and you have got a satisfiying meal 🙂

Chicken&Chips 005

You just can’t beat chips and gravy!

Friday menu – changeable

July 26, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day 26

Friday was an odd day menu-wise. On Thursday night we looked in the freezer to decide on Friday’s dinner. It was decided we would have the last portion of calamari we froze a while back. The plan was to put it in the fridge in the morning to defrosft during the day. During the day, when I asked Paul what we were haviing for dinner, “Oh, I forgot to get the squid out of the freezer.”

So I thought a while and came up with a naughty idea for Fun-Food-Friday. Burger, fried egg, chips and tinned spaghetti hoops. I know! it’s like my dream menu from when I was 10 years old 🙂

Later in the evening, after a couple of beers, Paul decided that he didnt want to cook and by that time I had gone off the idea.

So what happenend? The take-away menus came out of the drawer and Chinese was decided upon. I know, I’m sorry, it’s only a week since we last had Chinese, but hey, we were hungry!

So here is a shot of Paul, “cooking” Friday night’s dinner. This isnt my NaBloPoMo picture for today, that’s further down 🙂

ChineseAgain250708 004

In other news I tried another of those Polish Knorr soups, Barszcz Czerwony. This was a red beetroot soup, I suppose what I’d call Borscht. I was surprised when I opened the packet, the granules look like sherbet! I added some leftover fresh beetroot to give it a bit “extra” flavour. Sadly I had to leave half of it, even with salt and pepper added, it was just too sweet. I give it 5 out of 10.

I have another packet in the cupboard, do you want it?


Lazy Mondays

July 22, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day 22

Mondays are a bit rubbish, aren’t they? Getting up and going back to work after the weekend is a real effort. As soon as I get to work I just want to come home already. Once home I just want to chill out, relax and get over the shock of the whole Monday thing.

So it’s no surprise that I want want to make as little effort as possible with Monday meals, I just want to eat. Last night, dinner was planned to be leftover Sunday dinner. During the day and getting stonger as 6pm approached, was the feeling that leftovers just wouldn’t do. I wanted quick easy comfort food. I wandered over to Pauls desk and made him an offer he could’nt refuse. The offer was KFC, something he can’t refuse 🙂

KFCpicnic 002

So here you have it, a KFC indoor picnic.

I dropped Paul at home, he warmed plates and mixed up some instant gravy, making it extra thick so it sticks to the chips. KFC gravy is tasty but just too runny. I drove around the corner to the drive through and was back shortly with the food.

There are a few pieces of chicken leftover, I’ll take them to work today for my lunch 🙂

Big Fish

July 20, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day 20

Yesterday we took a trip to Cleethorpes for a big fish. The fish always seems sweeter and fresher here, Grimsby is just next door, so hopefully we are getting the best 🙂

Big Fish

We found this chip shop a few years ago and have used it ever since. It has a little cafe attached, only about 8 or 10 tables, and its always full of customers. If my Mother taught me anything, it’s to always look for the shop with the most customers. I hate to queue, but for fresh cooked food, I’ll happily wait.

We used to use the Seaways around the corner on the front, yes the fish are bigger but when you go in and see all the food piled up the heated cabinets, you have to wonder how long its been sitting there.

So my recomendation for a great sitdown fish and chip is Ernie Becketts on Market street. But be warned, You may have to wait for a table 🙂

Yay, we didn’t waste the weekend!

July 19, 2008

No, we didn’t waste another weekend, we went to the coast 🙂

It wasn’t planned, I first suggested this around 11am and after a short debate we made a plan. “Go and get in the bath”, I said. I’ll iron some stuff while you’re in there and then I’ll come and get a shave. Once you’re out of the bath, I’ll jump in the shower. slightly behind schedule we were ready and in the car.

The drive was good, Paul did it and he was well happy with the first long drive in the new car.

Cleethorpes 19th July 2008

We had a great time, it rained a bit when we arrived and we had to run to the cafe, after we ate it totally brightened up. We had a walk up and down the front and took a few photos on the pier.

Runner up photo, and yes I got told off by Paul for taking it but hey, I love the cheeky candid pictures, feel free to suggest a title 🙂

Cleethorpes Chair Idol

Team Andy’s Curry Club

July 18, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day18

Last night we ate out, for it was Thursday, which means Curry Club!

I’ve been promising to go to Curry Club with members of my team and had to keep putting it off, either they or I was on late shift etc….. It all came together yesterday and we managed to get 5 of us in the same place at the same time 🙂 (The 2 no-shows barely deserve mention.)

Team Andy's Curry Club

You’ll have to excuse the picture quality, I realised this morning that I left the camera on “close up” for all of them. So only the actual close up of the food is of a reasonable clarity.

The 2 NRI’s proclaimed the curry to be of a passing standard. The mango chutney however, caused wrinkled noses and was discarded after the first tasting.

Top left, food. Top right, Satya between Luke and Lisa, the mosiac maker was pretty cruel in cropping them out of the frame. Bottom left, Paul and a blurry Nick. Bottom right, Luke and Satya admiring Luke’s wonderful photos that are no doubt much better than these, if only for being in focus!

Pan fried Salmon

July 16, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day16

Dinner yesterday was a simple meal of pan fried* Salmon, Corn and new Potatoes.

PanFriedSalmon 013

Note the generous dusting of freshly milled Pepper and the equally liberal drizzle of Olive oil. Paul had the same meal but, being more traditional, preferred a good knob of butter and twist of salt.

Sorry about the photo, my attempt to break open the fillet and position it all fancy didnt quite work. I promise you this was a thick and juicy piece of Salmon fillet before I started messing.

The Corn was left on the cob, it always tastes better that way, I also like getting stuck into my food with my hands occasionaly 🙂

The only downside to my love of all things fish? As I write this morning, the kitchen still has a faint whiff of lingering Salmon 😦

*Get me being all chef-y, pan fried indeed, where else would it be fried?