StrangeFruit #001 – The Pomelo

January 13, 2009

Yay, number one in a (probably short) series of post featuring exciting, exotic and down right strange fruits.

Todays strange fruit is the Pomelo or Chinese Grapefruit.

Lets take a look.

Pomelo 001


Pomelo 003

Now we’re getting somewhere, look at the thickness of that pith!

Pomelo 004

Segments, the size is difficult convey without something in the picture to give scale, these are about 8-9cm long!

Pomelo 005

Ready to eat.

Pomelo 007

The verdict?

Really rather good, more like an Orange than Grapefruit, I think that is mostly because of the lack of the bitter edge that you often get with a Grapefruit. The flesh is also very robust, almost meaty, and I mean that in a good way 🙂

Will I buy one again?

Probably not, the effort involved in opeing it and removing all the membranes just isnt worth it. I’ll stick with nice easy to peel Clementines 🙂

Join me next time when I tackle another extreme strange fruit!