Mexborough in the news (well, sort of!)

October 30, 2009

Here is the lovely Ben Shepard on GMTV this morning, bigging up my home town 🙂

Of course it is no surprise that he doesn’t know where Mexborough is, but its nice that he thinks it sounds great, if only he knew!

Black Diamonds

July 23, 2008

NaBloPoMo July 08 Day 23

A couple of months ago, Lenor started airing a TV commercial for Black Diamond and Lotus Flower scented fabric conditioner.

I was all like, wtf is a black diamond, how can you smell a diamond? I even went as far as to Twitter about it.

So now, it seems I have an apology to make, just maybe since the Lenor bottle does show an actual (clear) Diamond, so maybe they don’t know either.

I give you, Black Diamonds……..

BlackDiamonds 001

….. yeah, they are a variety of Plum! Who knew?

Zattoo, trust me, it IS worth reading this :-)

June 15, 2008

Zattoo, frankly its amazing, live TV, real time streaming, its uber! I really can’t say enough about this, go to, download and sign up and youre watching telly. Oh, I’m running XP but had to use the Vista version, it works for me 🙂

Yes Stella, its allowed in Switzerland, the channels include;

* BBC One
* BBC Two
* Five
* BBC Three
* BBC Four
* BBC News
* BBC Parliament
* S4C
* Bloomberg UK
* CBBC Channel
* CBeebies
* Channel 4
* Community Channel
* Deutsche Welle
* EuroNews
* France 24
* France 24
* Information TV
* Russia Today
* SF info
* ABC News Now
* Al Jazeera Arabic
* AutoMoto TV

Movies and motives, hidden or not.

April 28, 2008

On last weeks flight to Cyprus we were treated to the movie Enchanted. I didn’t watch it all, I only managed a few minutes and switched off around the bit where the animals are helping clean the apartment. I couldn’t stand to watch any more, even though I have always had an eye for Patrick Dempsey, going way back to seeing him on VHS in Catholic Boys aka Heaven Help Us. This may also have been the first movie I saw Andrew McCarthy in, unless I saw St. Elmos Fire first, whatever, I had the biggest crush on them both!

Come to mention Andrew McCarthy (I did didn’t I) I’m still surprised that The Sight wasn’t picked up for a full series.

Eeerrrmmm, so, where was I?

Oh yes, on the return flight we had the pleasure of watching August Rush which I have to say was very nice little movie.

It took a few minutes to figure out a few things, “is that him grown up?”, “no its still him now”, “is that his Mum?”, “no, at least I dont think so, hang on, maybe it is.”, “Who did he used to be?”, “Oh, urm, give me a minute, oh its the boy from Willy Wonka.” After that it’s all magical moments whenever the boy is playing an instrument, the guitar stuff is particularly good.

So, blah blah blah, it’s a nice movie and amongst the cast it features Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Can I just say his name again?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Can I also say thanks for reading the whole of this post? It almost makes it legit that I was really just looking far a reason to post this.

(Warning : Gratuitous boy tit ahead, look away now!)

Yeah I know this is taken from the The Tudors which I haven’t watched yet, but he doesn’t get his tits out during August Rush 🙂

Thanks again 🙂

Funny fing Friday

January 25, 2008

Dont play this if you dont like the F, C or D word, actually if you dont like those words piss off now, youre not welcome here!

About last night.

January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger died last night, we saw it on the news just before going to bed.

How sad that every news bulletin so far has only mentioned his role as a gay cowboy.

Me and Paul both liked his films and we both were equally shocked to hear the news, I’m sure he’ll be missed by many.

I especially liked how he and I both had Heath in our names 🙂

In a statement issued today, I said “Obviously, my thoughts are with his family at this sad time.”

X-thingy pt2

December 15, 2007

hehe I was right

Leon Jackson takes X Factor crown

 Not that I was watching it!


December 15, 2007

Rhydian just sang “Somewhere”

The judges are giving their comments.

I think Leon will win.

*promise not to edit if I get it wrong! 

Secrets, Lies and no more video-tapes.

December 8, 2007

I’m feeling pretty relieved this afternoon, after a week of sneaking around I can finally come clean.

I’ve been hiding something from Paul all week. In fact I’ve been dreading him catching me out, I’ve almost tripped myself up a couple of times.

Ok, Ok,I’ll stop being so sensationalist!

Paul has been wanting Sky+ for a couple of months, they had been doing a £50 deal but we missed it and they put it back up to £150. I said we could have it after Christmas when they were sure to reduce it again.

In fact, I was planning to order in secret despite the cost and make it an extra Christmas gift for Paul this year.  As it turned out I ordered it online last week and they had knocked £50 off so that wasn’t too bad.

Paul’s Mum almost blew it last Sunday when she started talking about Sky+, luckily she figured out my frantic “finger on lips” gesture and dropped it. I later explained to her what I was planning!

Paul brought it up a few more times this week, each time it was advertised on TV, each time I was able to keep a straight face and say “We said next year some time didn’t we?”

The closest call came when we got home on Friday and the Sky fitter had left a message on the machine, rather helpfully, he was letting us know he would be here around 07:45 Saturday morning.  

I managed to talk over the message and pretend it was just the Sky call centre making a sales call. The final scary moment came at 21:30 when our conscientious Sky fitter called again to confirm his visit.

“Yes, I got your message, tomorrow morning is great, see you then” I hurriedly answered.

 I said to Paul , “Oh, them Sky people, trying to sell us the movie channel for Christmas, they don’t give up do they!”

I had set the alarm for 7:20 and got up, waking Paul in the progress. I told him to go back to sleep and went downstairs to get ready for the Sky engineer. When I saw him pulling up in his van, went back upstairs and woke Paul.

“Quick Paul, look out the window, Santa is here” I said. 

“Huh?” Paul replied

“He’s bringing your presents early! Go and look” I persisted.

Reaching the window, Paul gasped “That’s not Santa, that’s Bart Simpson” spotting the brightly decorated Sky van.

“Happy Christmas, babe” say I.

“Aaaww, thanks” Says Paul.

Once it was all fitted and working and the engineer had left, Paul turned to me and said, “Does this mean we have got a squariel?” He’s stuck in the 80’s that boy! 

So all the lies and deceptions are over and everything is back to normal. well almost normal, except that now when I get back from holidays, I’ll still have the “opportunity” to watch whichever reality show I would have otherwise missed. 

I guess that’s the price we pay for progress 🙂

Random Mutterings #001

September 29, 2007

Where have I been?? Not blogging thats for sure, but fear not, here is my return 🙂

Earlier today we went to Lidl and let me tell you, I’ve now officially seen it all! We were half way round the aisles, just next to the flapjacks and fairy cakes, where we were amazed to see two men on the floor hugging. No wait, they’re not hugging they’re fighting! Really! Rolling around on the floor, they’re both about 50 or even 60, but sure enough fighting, one on top of the other giving it fists.

Also, I’ve just been treated to a new Kate Moss advert, you know the ones where she turns to camera and says “Get the London look” I wonder if the advertiser realise that this makes me think “The London Look? Does she mean drug addled bitch? Keep it!”

I’ve had a pain in my left shoulder/neck for a couple of days. I think I slept funny and have trapped a nerve. I’m a little bit worried that since I woke up this morning I’m also experiencing numbness/pins and needles in 3 fingers on that side.

I’m interested to see that Smoking drivers risk prosecution. this is not just because I dont smoke any more, back when I did I never smoked and drived because I thought it wasnt safe.

Gwen Stefani on Ant & Dec, 6/10 not very good, perhaps she is jet-lagged.

Oh yes, while in LIDL I spotted this lady on a packet of ham


What the heck has she got on her head? This is “Black Forest Ham” so maybe this is forest garb, perhaps she is smuggling apples out of the forest??

I was sure I would win Euromillions this week (as I have since it started) but didnt.

I’m still harvesting tomatoes and (thank you so much Carol Klein but you’re wrong!) not nearly ready to stop!

I finally watched Spiderman 3, lets just say I’m hoping they turn this trilogy into a quadrilogy!

OMG OMG did I mention I downloaded and watched the first epidode of the second series of Heroes? OMG OMG OMG Your gonna love it!! 🙂

So, eerrrr, that’s my return to blogging, did you miss me?